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The UAE takes steps to ensure that its workforce is content in their jobs and has a healthy work-life balance, while still offering competitive salaries. When it comes to employee satisfaction, Dubai’s businesses prioritise ensuring that their employees are infused with excitement and the desire to be productive. Many workers, on the other hand, desire to establish a company while they are still working in order to investigate the possibility of a legal side hustle.

Obtaining a NOC (no objection certificate) from your employer and applying for a trade licence under the terms of your visa are all you need to do in order to do so.

Please keep in mind that your employer has the last say on whether or not to approve or reject your NOC application. “Can I start my company while still working?” you may be asking. “Can I start my business while still working?” you may be wondering. The answer is a resounding YES. In the United Arab Emirates, there are many free zones in which you are not need to submit a NOC in order to start your company while still working as a legal employee in Dubai. The most effective method to go about it is to collaborate with legal experts who will assist you through the whole procedure.

How can I establish a company in Dubai while still working full-time?

In order to establish a company while working in the UAE, it is suggested that you apply for an immediate business licence. The following are the stages that must be completed:

To get an immediate licence, you may go to a DED counter and fill out an application. For those who want to submit an application on their own, the UAE pass must first be obtained. You must first register on the official website using your Emirates ID before you can proceed. After that, you must go to the Department of Economic Development’s website and edit your company profile. If you want to make sure that the government authorities in the UAE are aware of your legal position in the country, this is an essential step.

Following that, you must register for an account on the DED’s website by supplying the necessary information. You may enlist the assistance of Generis Global’s business experts to ensure that this process runs smoothly and without danger.

In order to get your immediate licence, you will need to complete the step-by-step procedure on the DED website. You will be required to give the trade name of your firm, as well as a list of stakeholders and a description of the business activities that you want to engage in. Don’t forget to provide the name and contact information of the UAE sponsor with whom you’ve collaborated.

Following that, you will be required to sign the electronic Memorandum of Agreement and submit it for approval by the department. You may also do this manually if you want.

You’ll also need to get the permission of your company partners on your proposal. Your partners are all immediately notified of your permission by sending them an email.

The last step is to create a payment voucher for your licence, which is the final step. Simply activate the coupon and make the required payments to complete the transaction.

What is the purpose of obtaining a NOC?

It is recommended that you acquire a NOC regardless of whether your employing business is based in a free zone or on the mainland, or if your enterprise will be located in either. In the event of a future disagreement, the certificate from your current sponsor would provide you with protection from prosecution or liability.

How can you start a business without a certificate of incorporation?

Companies have their own criteria and are not obligated to accept your request for a letter of authorization. While many companies in the United Arab Emirates allow their workers to run a legal side company, others reject the application owing to compliance and security regulations in place. Fortunately, you do not need to be concerned. Despite this, you may still establish your business in Dubai by completing the steps outlined below:

Make advantage of your spouse’s visa to travel.

It is possible to utilise your spouse’s visa to establish your dream business if you are in the UAE with your family and your NOC application is not granted by your employer while you are here. It’s important to remember that it’s prohibited to establish a business in Dubai if you’re currently working and want to use the same visa to launch your firm. So you should use your spouse’s visa to establish the new company and appoint him or her as the Managing Director of the new venture.

Fill out an application for a DED quick licence.

You may get an immediate licence from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to conduct your company operations in accordance with specific standards established by the government. In this situation, you will not be required to present any physical papers, and it is preferable to speak with business experts in Dubai in order to get an immediate licence.

If you want to establish a company while still working, choose a free zone that suits your needs.

Despite the fact that your NOC has been denied and you do not have a spouse in the UAE, you may establish a company while still working. How? In any of the free zones listed below, you may establish your business:

A free zone in SHAMS (Sharjah Media City).
The City of Ideas Free zone in Fujairah and Ajman
A free zone has been established in Umm al Quwain (UAQ).
Fujairah Free Trade Zone is a free trade zone in the United Arab Emirates.
According to your company operations and functional needs, you may choose any of these free zones as a location for your operation. A plus is that none of these areas need a no-objection certificate from the individuals who will be hired in order to start their business in the UAE. Furthermore, in order to establish a company in Dubai, freelancers do not need to get the no-objection certificate (NOC) from their customers. They will be able to continue working for their clients while still operating their license-based company without any difficulties.

Generis Global is a dependable business partner you can rely on.

Starting a company while still working is allowed in the United Arab Emirates, provided you complete the necessary procedures. When you establish a business in a restricted area without first getting the necessary approval from your employer, you are breaking the law. When you speak with Generis Global, however, all of your concerns are put to rest. The business professionals at Generis Global offer end-to-end support to ensure that your company is up and running as smoothly as possible. Consequently, if you are looking to establish a company while working in the UAE, the first step is to get in contact with our team.