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Welcome to the Generis Partner Program

We are so excited that you want to partner with us. The Generis Partner Program is designed to empower lawyers, attorneys, solicitors, investment bankers and law firm to go global, cut across borders and work through timelines, and have a truly global client base irrespective of where you are located.

We have partnerships and strategic alliances built into our DNA, we believe in flourishing together.

Generis Global has the capacity to operate and serve across the world and this is achieved by having extraordinary professionals like you work with us.


Multiply Your Force With Ours

We are a global phenomenon, so can you be. Going global is just a click away. We have alliances in our DNA. We must grow lofty, and lofty together. 

As a Generis partner, you’ll gain instant access to exclusive resources, programs, tools, and connections.

Join a community designed to foster business growth.

A revolution in legal services.

Law firms, solo attorneys, CPAs, Chartered Accountants and investment bankers can join our partner program from anywhere in the world and be part of a global grid that enables flawless collaboration. 

“Uber of law firms”

We often fail to realize,  that there are certain strategic choices we need to make if we want to maximize our productivity for the long-term. Providing legal or financial services to clients is no easy job. Our global workdesk system enables maximum productivity for our partners. Everything starts happening like a breeze. 


Generis Global is designed by default to bridge across the world and right through timelines and borders. Our strategic partners get unparrelled access to our strategic partners wherever in the world. 

Attorneys powered by tech

Legal services are delivered in a way never done before. A lawyer or attorney can have clients in a foreign country. That means being a Generis Global partner attorney. The productivity is enhanced to be totally world class. In all developed countries and major financial centres, we got a presence, and our presence translates into your presence, if you are our partner. That’s some force multiplication. Power to our partners! Absolutely world-class. 

Fast & Easy Work

Generis staff sends you a request or an assignment, you accept it. Voila! 

Create Result

Your experience and skills are fanned. You did a great job and got paid. It is that simple. 

Power-packed legal pros

The Generis Partner Program builds capacity, enhances workflows, lets attorneys practice globally and have access to tools and resources that enables any lawyer or investment banker to have a global client base. 


We do that hard part, the coding  and other tech stuff that goes into making a global network, so you don’t have to spend a dime on the tech. 


Our dedicated partner support staff does not sleep. It works 24 hours without weekends to keep our partners in business. 


We built the network from scratch. So our partners now have the ease of reliance and stability. 


Our dedicated staff works across the world to keep everything in place. The clients happy and the professionals working. It works like a breeze. 


Our partner program is meant not only for the big boys. Solo attorneys and investment bankers have solutions with us that are customised and scaled to suit their work style. 


The partner program by default allows you access to regular software upgrades and newly inducted business tools. 


Here’s what our partners have been saying about us. 

When you innovate, you make mistakes. Being a lawyer in a place like Panama, Generis Global has enabled me to take my practice to a whole new level and I cannot believe that I am actually working for foreign clients who have businesses outside of Panama. 

Katherine Panorama

Attorney, Panama

I have been working with Generis Global as a strategic partner in Australia. I do a lot of document review, I love to do it. The best thing is I can work from my home or by the swimming pool. I really appreciate the way Generis staff handles each request. 

Jane Doe

Paralegal, Australia

You asking me for a review, alright. I will say you are wow! Honestly. I can’t imagine to work like the way I am doing now. It is unreal. It allows me such flexibility and access to new clients is truly astounding. Keep the good work going! Best of luck. 

Stephen Lee

Investment banker, China

Join the revolution.