Get Your Legal Work Done!

Whether you require a one-time consultation or a full freelance legal department, Generis Global’s network of experienced lawyers is here to provide you with the necessary legal assistance.

Document Review

This is often the most labor-intensive and expensive stage of the litigation process. We do it for you, time bound and cost effective.

Litigation Services

Digital forensics, information gathering, research, and fact-finding. Rest assured, we deliver it for you, all remotely and quickly.

Contract Management

We manage contract creation, execution and analysis to maximize operational and financial performance of your organization. Helping you to focus on your core business.

Legal Research

We streamline the process of finding an answer to a legal question or checking for legal precedent that can be cited in a brief or at trial. So your team can plan freely, and execute flawlessly.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We stay on top of timeline crunches, project deadlines and due diligence requirements to facilitate seamless transactions. The best in business count on us. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI is new, it is hot. Our tailor-made legal software solutions help your organization make the most legal Artificial Intelligence. Delivering the best solution in the shortest time possible.

Electronic Discovery

Managing e-Discovery projects effectively requires careful planning and exceptional execution. A dedicated expert with vast industry knowledge works with you during the various steps of the e-Discovery process.


Swift Drafting

We provide your organization legal drafting solutions, backed with technology, fortified with research and blessed with client confidentiality. Again, in the shortest time possible.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property services are designed to protect the rights of the IP owner. Maintaining a solid IP portfolio is one way to gain valuable protection for your IP. Generis Global is with you along your journey. 





Strategic Partners

Connect Offices


Practice areas

Legal work has never been so easy.

The Process

Quality talent clubbed with a streamlined workflow weaved together with a global network of professionals makes it possible for us to deliver high quality and yet cost-effective solutions to our clients worldwide. Timezones matter no more, we’re in a global village.


In an increasingly connected world, networking with the right people and organizations is key to achieving business goals and growth. We put together a formidable network of professionals and individuals to create our offer. 


A robust and responsive workforce is an essential ingredient of teamwork and subsequent client satisfaction. The hardest part of outsourcing to an offshore organization is getting the work done and getting it done quickly. We have made sure that it happens the way our clients expect it. 


Technology has changed the legal world and redefined the way attorneys and legal systems work. We have taken this into account and created an organization that brings together state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence and puts it to the service of our clients. 

Core Features


Whether you’re a law firm, multi-national organization or an attorney we provide you custom-made solutions to suit your requirements and help you deliver for your clients.


We examine your text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, and spelling. This allows you a creative gallop.

Unlimitted Revisions

Our clients are always satisfied for we never tire to serve them. No matter how many times you ask, we will do it over and over until we’ve delivered to your expectations.

Electronic Discovery

For our clients, we seek, locate, secure and search electronic data with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. All in a seamless manner, with military-grade cyber security.

Simple Legal Filings

Effective incorporation and tax-exempt filing solutions that are affordable and guaranteed. Made possible with a vigorous network of tax and legal professionals, put at disposal of our clients.

Tax Consulting

Experienced professionals in taxation and an in-depth knowledge of tax code is how we deliver for our clients to make sure that the business operations are smooth and compliant.

Reliable fact-finding results

We provide you the ability to search millions of current and historical records, allowing you a concise perspective. 


Background checks

Make sure they are who they say they are.


Use our records software to dig deep. 

Client confidentiality

We follow the highest standards of cyber security to safeguard privacy. 

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