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We handle document review for individuals, big & small companies,  printed publications, Blogs, and  Apps. Sometimes I even help law firms build their achieve review cost savings with proven workflows, priv log redactions,, and create their entire information architecture.


Hit the bulls eye

Legal document review is a critical component of any litigation process. This process involves the review of vast numbers of legal documents.


Clients, depending on their internal or legally-mandated requirements, can choose from any of our review centers. 


Information architecture

Local review expertise led by over 75 full-time managers. Teams have proven expertise guiding clients on best-in-class review workflows, tools & practices whilst meeting local requirements.

Collaboration Methodology

Review and project managers maintain a strong training culture with reviewers and deep collaboration with clients / outside counsel to eliminate waste and create efficiency to lower overall costs.

Specialised Review

Specialised review solutions offer tools & workflows that support audio or PII / privacy reviews, privileged log redaction, deposition prep, foreign language or specialty industry expertise requirements.


Industry-leading use of technology, analytics, and expertise to ensure consistently high quality work product while also using process controls to consult and guide client and counsel QC teams to achieve the most efficient use of their time.


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Tap into our network

Our global network of in-region review experts, proven review workflows, flexible and secure technology infrastructure along with our network of thousands of screened legal professionals capable of quickly staffing the review with the right resources.

Maximum efficiency

Legal document review is a critical component of any litigation process. This process involves the review of vast numbers of legal documents. The costs of document review are a large portion of total litigation costs. At Flatworld Solutions we provide superior document management and review services at cost-friendly rates to companies, law firms and, legal research firms across the world. Our team of legal experts follows proven management practices and document review procedures. We are equipped with robust technological infrastructure which enables us to review your documents within a short turnaround time.

Drive More Traffic

As more and more data is stored electronically, document review teams need smarter ways to review documents.

Our managed document review services teams provide you with specialized document review attorneys to meet your individual case needs.

We unitedly work with your team to review and bring forth relevant findings from the prioritized data, while putting together the information for reuse later on.

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