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Optimal Case Insights

When it comes to eDiscovery document review services, trust is paramount. Generis Global, a prominent leader in the industry, brings together a team of technologist/lawyers known for consistently delivering exceptional results. With a deep bench of seasoned professionals, robust processes, and cutting-edge technology, Generis Global ensures that your eDiscovery document review is in the hands of trusted experts.


Unparalleled Global Reach

Generis Global’s document review services (DRS) are tailored to meet the diverse needs of your projects worldwide. Whether your case unfolds in North America, EMEA, APAC, or involves cross-border complexities, our experts collaborate closely with counsel and legal teams, understanding the unique goals and staffing requirements of each matter.

Comprehensive Solutions

From first-level review to advanced stages, our managed review team is well-versed in handling all types of matters. Equipped with invaluable case intelligence gathered during the reviews, our DRS teams possess a unique advantage in conducting privilege review, constructing deposition and witness kits, developing timelines, supporting motion practice, and even acting as expert witnesses.


Data Protection at its Core

With AI and proprietary workflows at the forefront, Generis Global’s DRS team excels at identifying privileged, personal, and sensitive information. By skillfully redacting protected content and creating defensible privilege logs, we ensure that confidential information remains safeguarded and out of the wrong hands.

Integrating Human and Machine Intelligence

Generis Global leverages the strategic use of technology to revolutionize document reviews. Our technology-assisted review (TAR) consultants harness the power of artificial intelligence, augmenting the work of subject matter experts to swiftly identify relevant content while significantly reducing review populations and expenses.

Proven Track Record

Generis Global’s impressive track record speaks for itself. With over 1,500 annual review projects, encompassing more than 600 million documents, we have generated savings exceeding $500 million. When you seek an experienced document review partner to collaborate closely with counsel on your next case, Generis Global is the answer.


Industry-leading use of technology, analytics, and expertise to ensure consistently high quality work product while also using process controls to consult and guide client and counsel QC teams to achieve the most efficient use of their time.


Active Clients


Cups of Coffee

Unmatched Expertise and Support

Benefit from Generis Global’s managed document review continuous improvement program, which ensures the highest standards at every step:

– Managed review audit program for stringent quality assurance.
– Expansion and development of team leads.
– A comprehensive managed review toolkit.
– A pool of over 150 experts, including 14 technology experts, 60 review managers, and a network of 20,000+ review attorneys.

Make Your documents a Priority.

we certainly will.

Industry and Geographic Acumen

Generis Global understands the intricacies of specific industries. Our dedicated practice groups specialize in antitrust, financial services, insurance, medical, pharma, and technology matters. Furthermore, we provide multi-language capability and multi-geography flexibility with our vetted attorneys located across the globe, speaking various languages

Unyielding Data Security

Generis Global recognizes that the security and privacy of our clients’ information are of paramount importance. Hence, we have implemented a robust set of security controls and technology, creating multiple layers of protection for your data. In addition, we foster a culture of security mindfulness, ensuring that all employees undergo routine cybersecurity training to uphold the highest standards of information safeguarding. At Generis Global, we believe that cybersecurity vigilance is a shared responsibility.

The Right Choice

Generis Global stands out by providing a comprehensive package of security, technology, and process to ensure a streamlined and high-quality document review experience:

– Augmented virtual review environment for enhanced security, case oversight, and collaboration.
– Strategic deployment of technology to optimize cost, efficiency, consistency, and accuracy throughout the document review process.

– Legally defensible and meticulous document review and quality control processes, delivering cost reduction while enhancing accuracy and consistency.

When it comes to eDiscovery document review services, Generis Global offers a streamlined approach, combining expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. Trust us to be your reliable partner in unlocking invaluable case insights.

Our expertise, commitment to quality, efficiency, confidentiality, tailored solutions, and cost-effectiveness make us the ideal choice for clients seeking exceptional document review services.

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