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Over the last several years, the United Arab Emirates has established itself as one of the most attractive business locations in the world. Entrepreneurs are interested in not only establishing their business in Dubai, but also in settling in the emirate with their family. In order to do business in the UAE, company owners must first acquire a resident visa, followed by dependant visas for their family members.

UAE residence visa

As a result of its streamlined legal requirements and cheap processing costs, as well as its strategic position that provides quick access to suppliers and worldwide connections, the United Arab Emirates is a very desirable nation in which to raise a family.

Understanding the UAE’s residence visa

A UAE resident visa, as the name implies, is a permission that enables individuals from all over the globe to live in the Middle Eastern nation for a certain length of time. A natural follow-up question would be, “How long does a UAE resident visa last?” Depending on the country, the term of this visa may range from two to ten years and can be renewed as many times as necessary.

For individuals who enter the nation on the basis of a work contract, there are two additional options for obtaining a UAE residency visa. Either you invest in real estate or you establish a company in the United Arab Emirates.

What is the procedure for obtaining your permit?

Investors often inquire, “How can I get residence in the United Arab Emirates?” For the most part, there are three options for obtaining a Dubai resident visa:


Gaining work with a business in Dubai may entitle you to UAE residence for a period of two or three years, depending on the jurisdiction in which the company is headquartered. Additionally, the business will be in charge of the application, sponsorship, and renewal of your residence visa.

Purchase and ownership of real estate

To guarantee that you may remain in the UAE, you must fulfil the criteria for a resident visa. As a result, you are able to buy real estate. You should be able to sell your home for at least AED 1 million (approximately USD 272,000). In this instance, the visa is valid for three years after it is granted. Property investors, on the other hand, are not permitted to work in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

Incorporate a business in the United Arab Emirates.

In appreciation of their contribution to the advancement of the UAE’s economy, the UAE government awards Indian entrepreneurs Golden Visas valid for five or ten years (Golden Visa). Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, must satisfy the government’s investment requirements in order to be eligible for the Golden Visa programme.

The investment visa is yet another kind of visa. Entrepreneurs from India may apply for three-year investor visas in Dubai and sponsor their family members for three-year residence in the United Arab Emirates by establishing a business in Dubai.

This is one of the most popular choices since it does not need a significant financial commitment on your part. Furthermore, one of its most significant benefits is that the visa is valid for three years at a time. As a result, you will have the option of concentrating on your company activities while living in Dubai.

What is the procedure for getting a resident visa for the United Arab Emirates?

Here’s all you need to know about the UAE resident visa criteria, application procedure, and deadlines for 2021:

Visa requirements for residents of the United Arab Emirates

Be familiar with UAE residency visa criteria and have the following papers ready to submit:

1. Complete the application for a resident visa in the United Arab Emirates.

2. A photocopy of your passport’s original page

3. Two passport-sized photographs, with the photographs guaranteeing that they satisfy the UAE visa photo criteria.

4. Your original entrance visa as well as a copy of it

5. Documentation proving your sponsor’s lawful residence in the United Arab Emirates.

6. A copy of your medical fitness test certificate indicating that you passed.

7. A copy of your health insurance policy, if one is necessary.

The business licence and establishment card of the firm are also required.

8. In order to apply for a family visa, you must provide evidence of family connections. These documents include birth or marriage certificates that have been certified by the UAE embassy in their place of origin.

Procedures for submitting an application

Step-by-step instructions for applying for a UAE resident visa in 2021 are provided below:

Obtain a permission to enter the country.

Before you may enter the country, your sponsor must first acquire an entrance permission for you via the online site of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. It is also accessible on the website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), or it may be completed in person at one of the GDRFA typing centres that have been licenced.

Fill out an application for a resident visa.

Once you have arrived in the country, your sponsor will need to submit an application for your UAE resident visa at the General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA).

Pay the visa fee for UAE residency.

You will be required to pay a fee for the UAE resident visa at the time of application. The cost varies based on the length of time you have been granted residency in the UAE. The duration of a residence visa for workers and investors is distinct from one another. For investors, the visa is good for three years, whereas it is only valid for two years for workers.

The stamping of visas and the issuance of Emirates ID

Once your application has been accepted, the GDRFA will stamp your passport with a resident visa that is valid for one year. This will serve as your residency permit in the UAE, enabling you to move freely across the nation. After that, you will get your Emirates ID, which will be valid for the same period of time as your visa was.

UAE family visa regulations for 2021

In order to acquire UAE residence permits for your family in 2021, you will need to provide the following documentation:

1. A photocopy of all of the bio pages in the sponsor’s passport, if applicable

2. A copy of the sponsor’s visa

3. The sponsor’s Emirates identification card in its original form.

4. A copy of the Ejari (tenancy) registration certificate.

5. A scanned copy of the employment contract

6. Photographs in passport size

7. A digitally signed and dated copy of the marriage certificate and birth certificates of any children, if applicable.

The most current coloured, passport-sized photos of the spouse and children should be included in the package. 8.

9. You may sponsor girls as long as they are unmarried and boys as long as they are under the age of twenty-one.

10. According to the UAE immigration rules, you must have a minimum income of AED 4,000 per month and have a place to live in order to sponsor your family members.

The advantages of obtaining a resident visa in the United Arab Emirates

The government of the United Arab Emirates provides various advantages to its citizens. The following are the top ten:

Start any kind of company in the nation without difficulty.
Create personal bank accounts in addition to your company or pay account.
Dependents of the sponsor
The strategic position ensures close closeness to one’s own nation.
The ability to communicate internationally is exceptional.
Purchase and occupy real estate in the nation.
Several entries into the UAE are permitted throughout the visa validity period.
Live and prosper in the world’s second-safest nation, and you will.
What is the cost of a residency visa in the United Arab Emirates?

The costs for a UAE resident visa may vary depending on the kind of visa and the person who will be sponsoring you. The following is a rough breakdown of the costs:

Type of Visa Fees Additional Costs
Spouse AED 3,000 – AED 4,000 AED 1,500 (refundable deposit, if applicable)
Children AED 3,000 – 4,000 AED 1,500 (refundable deposit)
Employment (depends on your employee’s designation) AED 5,000 – AED 7,000
Investor (Includes Emirates ID, change of status, medical test and visa stamping) AED 4,000 (approx.) Medical insurance
Entrepreneurs from India may apply for a visa to work in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a popular business and residence location for Indians. As a result, Indians have made Dubai their home for many decades, mostly via job, investment, and entrepreneurial opportunities. A residency visa is required for anyone who want to live in the United Arab Emirates. A visa is a government-issued document that allows foreign people to reside in the country for prolonged periods of time.

UAE residence permits, administered by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), are valid for two to ten years and may be extended.

According to its golden visa programme, the UAE government also offers Indian entrepreneurs residence cards for periods of five and ten years, with the goal of improving the ease with which businesses may operate in the nation. The company owners, on the other hand, must have an established firm valued at least AED 500,000 and must have been recognised by an authorised business incubator in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Apart from that, they are required to pay deposits of AED 5 million and AED 10 million, respectively, for the five- and ten-year permits.

Three of your company’s executive directors have been granted a five-year visa to visit China. While on leave, they would be prohibited from working for any other company during that time period.”

Furthermore, Indian entrepreneurs are eligible for a six-month multiple entry visa that allows them to enter and exit the country numerous times. As a result, you will be able to complete the necessary procedures for your company establishment in Dubai.

The cost of renewing a resident visa in the United Arab Emirates

The cost of renewing a resident visa in the United Arab Emirates is determined on the kind of visa:

Visas for employment

The government charges a one-time cost.
Labor cost depending on the type of your company’s services PRO service fee
People with low abilities must undergo a medical examination and pay an Emirates ID Insurance charge.
Visas for business partners or investors

Fee for medical transcription
Emirates ID typing fee Residence visa typing cost PRO service charge PRO service charge