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We forge tech and law to deliver legal services worldwide. The internet has changed how we live, and the legal services industry has not been immune to this paradigm shift in human life. We are at forefront of drastically evolving landscape. We are made of incredible people like you. You can join the fray. Fill out the sign-up form and we will reach out to you. Law degree holders are preferred. The people working with Generis Global cause innovation. We are one global team. Different nationalities, different skills, varied qualifications, and yet the goal is one: to deliver innovation across the different legal industry vectors. From anywhere, to anywhere. The smile on the client’s face is worth more than the profits we make. You too can join the global village.  Applicants go through a thorough screening test and vetting to get appointed, either you can work remotely or in-house.

Students looking to pursue a legal and non-legal internship we welcome applicants from different backgrounds to kick start their professional careers with knowledge and hands on experience in a fast-paced and competitive environment. Our internships involve individuals in problem solving, decision-making and skills development training at the start so they have the opportunity to make the most of their working experience in Generis Global. Once you are accepted for the internship programme you also get to participate in the many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives the firm that organises.



Maximum Flexibility

Work the way you want to, how you want to, where you want to. Stay in control of your career. Take control. 

Diverse Cultures

Here you find an environment of people from different cultures working together. Celebrate it.

Professional Growth

We are modelled on the belief of collective growth, our employees must grow and get bigger as we do. Seize the moment.

Career Growth

Working with us enables you to grow your career constantly with access to new horizons and opportunities each day. Grab the globe.

Get Networking

Working with us grants you access to a platform to connect and develop relationships with new people across the world. Build your network. 

Enriching Community

Here you become part of a global community of outstanding professionals. A brand of people who create and innovate. Be the change. 

Get travelling

Travel broadens the mind, even more it broadens your career. Our work takes us to places and we are our employees. Take the world with you. 

Rewarding Compensation

Work is worship, and it must be rewarded well. We offer competitive salaries and benefits to our employees. Earn it.

 To follow up or check the status of your application, please mail us here. We will be glad to provide an update.

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