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Dubai Mainland is an excellent location for establishing a company since it is well linked and encompasses the majority of Dubai’s major commercial districts.

Dubai Mainland

It is recommended that entrepreneurs first analyse and select the site that is most appropriate for their company activity and objectives before moving on with the process. They have the option of establishing a company in a free zone, an offshore, or on the mainland in Dubai. The Mainland of Dubai, on the other hand, is where the majority of business organisations opt to establish their operations.

This is mostly due to the fact that establishing a company in Dubai Mainland provides better access to customers, superior infrastructure and connection, and more flexibility. In addition, as compared to other jurisdictions, the Dubai mainland offers companies a complete set of tools to help them run their operations more effectively.

All private companies operating on Dubai’s Mainland are required to perform commercial operations in compliance with the Department of Economic Development in the city-state of Dubai (DED).

Why should you start a company in Dubai?

According to data released by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), a total of 38,377 Dubai mainland licences were granted in 2019. This is a 90 percent increase over the number of licences given in 2018. (20,129 mainland licenses).

The following factors are mostly responsible for the rising demand for Dubai mainland licences:

Forming a Dubai mainland company enables you to do business and function from any location in the United Arab Emirates.
When it comes to renting office space, you have a variety of affordable alternatives to pick from.
The Department of Economic Development does not place any limits on the amount of money needed to establish your business.
It is possible to conduct as many as 10 linked commercial operations under one mainland company licence.
A Dubai mainland licence puts less limitations on the number of visas that a business may get than a licence issued in another country.

In addition, establishing a mainland business in Dubai provides you with a significant benefit in that you will not be subject to either corporation tax or personal income tax.

What kinds of licences are granted by Dubai Mainland and under what conditions?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues three kinds of licences in general: business licences, professional licences, and special licences.

Commercial business licence: This kind of licence covers the majority of types of trade activity.
Professional business licence: Required for professional services such as accounting and law (consultancies, accountancy services, etc.)
Industrial licences are required for manufacturing facilities and industrial operations.
The kind of licence you need is determined on the nature of your company. Other permits from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the Ministry of Finance and Industry, the Ministry of Health, as well as registration with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, are included in the document as well as any additional requirements.

What is the best way to establish a company in Dubai Mainland?

Any kind of mainland business creation in Dubai requires the completion of a lengthy amount of paperwork and documents.

According to UAE commercial law, corporate organisations or foreign citizens need always form a partnership with a UAE resident in order to establish a company in the UAE’s major island of Dubai. In addition, you will be required to provide a set of papers in order to properly register your company in Dubai Mainland.

The following are the fundamental procedures that you will need to follow in order to register your business:

Make a decision on a commercial endeavour.
Obtain permission for a name.
Find a business partner to collaborate with.
Obtain first permission for your project.
The Memorandum of Association is being drafted (MoA)
Rent a space for your business.
Get your Ejari as well as your certified tenancy agreement.

Submit all of the necessary papers to the Department of Economic Development and get your company trade licence.

Is it feasible to establish a company in Dubai Mainland without being a citizen of the United Arab Emirates?

Please get in touch with Generis Global if you would like to learn more about Dubai mainland business setup or to look into the various mainland jurisdictions that are available in the region. You can call us or send us an inquiry and one of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.

In order to establish a company in Dubai, working with a UAE national on the mainland is a necessity. The Commercial Companies Law in the area stipulates that companies operating on the Dubai mainland must partner or cooperate with an individual who is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. One hundred and fifty percent of the business would be owned by a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. Firms operating under professional licences on the Dubai mainland are not required to share their ownership and may retain complete control over their operations. Trading businesses and industrial corporations, on the other hand, must abide by the Commercial Companies Act of the United Kingdom.

Starting a company in Dubai mainland with Generis Global, on the other hand, may be a completely different experience thanks to a secured partnership and an investor’s right protection contract.

Where can I get information about the Investor’s Rights and Protection Contract?

Generis Global delivers an Investor’s Right and Protection Contract – a legal agreement that protects the interests of a business owner while simultaneously granting the firm complete Power of Attorney authority over the business.

An Investor’s Right and Protection Contract at Generis Global is a legally binding agreement signed in the presence of two witnesses from each party. The contract allows you to have power of attorney over the firm and to negotiate terms with your UAE business partner on a mutually agreed-upon basis. The company establishment papers are drafted with the greatest efficiency by the legal professionals at Generis Global, ensuring that your security and position are maintained throughout the contract.