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Do you want to know how to get a licence for a training institution in Dubai? Interested in establishing a training institution in the United Arab Emirates? The following are some critical actions that you must do. These procedures are distinct from those involved in other kinds of business creation in Dubai and across the UAE.

licence to operate a training institution in Dubai

An educational business, training institution, or school will need the acquisition of a Training Institute licence before it can be established. You have the option of establishing a training institution on the Dubai mainland or in one of the many free zones in the Emirate. It is necessary to understand the criteria in order to understand how to get a training institution licence in the United Arab Emirates.

The following are the procedures to get an educational training licence in the Dubai Mainland:

Department of Economic Development’s first phase is referred to as Step 1. (DED)

Obtain preliminary approval
Reservation of a trademark
Step 2: Establishment of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) (KHDA)

The application form, the registration schedule, and the course schedule
List of shareholders (including the management)
-copies of passports and a notarized signature
Management should be nominated, and they should be qualified and have verified credentials.
The business plan will be submitted to the KHDA’s strategy section for consideration.
The application will either be approved or rejected by the KHDA.
The KHDA will levy a cost of AED 30,000 for the issuance of a permit, after which the agency will issue a letter of approval.
3rd Step of the DED (Second Phase)

Fill out an application for a Professional License.
Return all of the documents and papers from the Initial Phase to the office.
Step – 4 of the KHDA’s Second Phase

Provide a copy of your professional licence.
a copy of the tenancy agreement a copy of the civil defence certificate
Education and training licencing requirements in Dubai Mainland – What you need to know.

It is necessary to get permission from the Department of Economic Development in order to develop an educational sector in Dubai Mainland (DED).

What exactly is the DED’s function?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for issuing licences on the Dubai mainland. Every business organisation in Dubai must be licenced by the Dubai Economic Department, and the same is true for educational institutions in Dubai. The Dubai Economic Department (DED) is responsible for the initial permission, trade name reservation, and eventually the professional licence in Dubai.

Priority will be given to training or educational institutions in Dubai by the Department of Economic Development (DED). The Department of Environmental Defense (DED) will give the first permission for the installation. Depending on the nature of the institution, the Department of Education will also need permissions. The DED grants the educational training licence in Dubai Mainland when the applicant has met all of the necessary criteria.

Obtaining a training permit or permission from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority is required in order to establish an educational training institution such as an institute or a school, among other things (KHDA).

What exactly is KHDA?

The Knowledge and Human Development Body (KHDA) is a governmental power in Dubai that has been granted the authority to oversee the private education industry. The KHDA strives to improve the procedural perspective of educational institutions and to guarantee educational quality in all of its programmes.

Education and training institutions, early childhood education centres, schools, higher education providers, colleges, and training facilities are all under the supervision of and approved by the KHDA. The KHDA’s mission is to ensure the continuous growth of the education sector in Dubai, as well as to increase the value and products of education on a variety of levels and platforms.

The process of getting an educational training licence in Dubai mainland and freezones is quite similar to one another.

The procedure of getting a training institution licence in a freezone is different from the process of obtaining a training institute licence on the Dubai mainland. Furthermore, the procedure of obtaining an educational training licence varies from one freezone to the next, depending on the jurisdiction. Nonetheless, whether in a freezone or on the mainland, the KHDA approvals are the same for both business organisations and play a critical role in their success. Sanctions from the KHDA are required after obtaining pre-approval from a freezone authority or the government of the mainland.

These are the ones that include –

The business strategy and facility layout must be submitted to KHDA for initial approval before construction can begin.

An permission request must be filed for the educational course materials that will be used on the training institute’s campus as well.

In addition, the supporting documentation for the facility’s teacher and instructor will be required to be provided.

Once the permission has been granted by the KHDA, the licence will be given by the appropriate supervisory body, whether in a freezone or on the Dubai mainland.

How can establishing a learning institute in Dubai help the institution’s students and faculty?

Another advantage of obtaining an educational institute licence is the fact that you may have 100 percent foreign ownership of the institution. This implies that you will be the only owner and operator of the educational training institution, and you will not be need to deal with a third-party shareholder.
When establishing an educational institution in Dubai, you have the flexibility to choose a location that is suitable for the institute either on the mainland or in the freezone.

Another advantage is the presence of international educational institutions in the region, which is another source of pride. This enables you to cooperate and associate with other worldwide curriculum and educational companies as well as other international curriculum and educational brands.

Commercial training institutions are likewise exempt from taxation and do not face any direct taxes, such as corporation taxation, in the United Arab Emirates.

If you choose to get a professional licence on Dubai’s mainland rather than in a freezone, you will have no limitations and will be able to access a far wider variety of market opportunities. In addition to your end-user target group, you may contract with big corporations, educational institutions, and government organisations.

The cost of establishing a training institution in Dubai is about $1 million.

Cost strucure of setting up a training institute in Dubai

Business setup fees for training institute in Dubai



Type of Fees

Period Covered


License and sponsorship cost in Dubai

Initial Approval

Gov’t Fees

One time

AED 235


Name Approval

Gov’t Fees

One time

AED 735


Typing of MOA / LSA

Typing centre

One time

AED 500


Notarization of MOA / LSA

Gov’t Fees

One time

AED 875


Sponsorship Fees + PRO services (due on the day of court agreement)


Every Year

AED 15000


License Fee

Gov’t. Fees

Every year

AED 6600

Added business setup fees for training institute in Dubai

Rented Office

Depends on requirements

Depends on requirements

Depends on requirements


Market fees 2.5% of Premises annual rent to be paid to Economic Department.

Gov’t. Fees

Every Year



Arabic name free – Foreign name charges AED 2,000/

Gov’t. Fees

Every Year

AED 2000


KHDA approval fees

Gov’t Fees

Every Year

AED 30000

Fees in labour and immigration department

Immigration card fees

Gov’t Fees

Every 3 years

AED 760


Labour Card fees

Gov’t Fees

one time

AED 2700


Telephone + P.O. Box Update (Economic Dept.)

Gov’t. Fees

one time

AED 560


Company Rubber Stamp


one time

AED 100