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When it comes to Dubai’s diverse business sector, tourism is at the top of the list of priorities. Because of the diversity of futuristic projects and iconic landscapes in Dubai, a number of corporate giants, businesses, and organisations have chosen to engage in the Dubai hotel industry or Dubai tourism.

According to estimates, with a growing number of companies looking to capitalise on the hotel industry in Dubai, the hotel sector saw a 5.6 per cent increase in supply in the first quarter of 2017. Furthermore, the city’s continuous investment in tourist infrastructure, as well as the city’s easing of visa requirements for many countries and the city’s hosting of major international events, has made the hotel industry in Dubai highly in demand.

If you are one of the many investors interested in starting a hotel company in Dubai, the following are the elements and requirements you should be aware of:

CONSIDER THE DIFFERENCES: Dubai has particular legal and judicial standards that are more or less the same for all companies and sectors in the country. There are, however, certain distinctions between the criteria for a hotel company in Dubai and other parts of the world. For example, a hotel company in Dubai must get a tourist licence, while the majority of companies in the city must obtain a commercial licence. As a result, rather than just following the same methods, verify, gauge, and get familiar with the variations.

APPOINT A MANAGER: Establishing a hotel company in Dubai necessitates the appointment of a manager who has the necessary qualifications and authorised certifications to perform the responsibilities of the job. The manager will play a significant part in determining the needs of the hotel sector, as well as assisting with the process of initial approval and licencing for the hotel company in Dubai, among other things.

GETTING THE VERY FIRST APPROVAL: After you’ve learned about the requirements and any deviations, you may seek preliminary approval. To get initial permission for a hotel company in Dubai, you would need the following documents:

The DED has provided an application form.

A copy of the applicants’ passports, as well as their identification cards, are required.
The hotel property’s location plans, plot maps, and “construction completion certificate” are all included.
This is a classification card for the hotel industry.

A photocopy of the Manager’s passport, as well as copies of his or her educational certifications and experience letters.

Certificate of good behaviour has been granted by the DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing).

The approval of the General Police Headquarters in Dubai is required.

GETTING YOUR LICENSE: In order to operate a hotel company in Dubai, a tourist licence is needed. To get a licence, a variety of documents and permissions are required, the most important of which are as follows:

The first approval fee is paid upon receipt of the fee receipt.

In the event of an international hotel group or brand, trade name certificates and associated payment receipts, as well as a ‘No objection certificate,’ are required.

The landlord must ratify the tenancy contract once three months have passed.
The hotel facility has received Ejari accreditation.

All of the documents needed for the first approval, together with any necessary certifications
Confirmation from the Dubai Municipality and other relevant judicial authorities in the areas of cleanliness, waste management, public health, and so forth.

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE LICENSE: It is possible to print your licence online or pick it up at the counter. To make things even simpler, you may hire a business setup service provider to take care of everything for you, saving you time and money. Finally, in order to get a tourist licence in Dubai, you must have all of the information and papers listed above on hand, as well as receipts for the permits and licencing price that have been paid. Once the application has been confirmed, he or she may pick up the licensee from DTMC.


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