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The travel and tourism sector in the United Arab Emirates is one of those evergreen business areas that is seldom impacted by economic downturns. Several factors make Dubai an excellent location in which to start a travel and tourism business. Here are some of them: Dubai is considered to be the beating heart of the United Arab Emirates. It is an internationally renowned hotspot noted for its iconic structures, beautiful beaches, friendly environment, and continuously changing vacationing culture, to name a few characteristics of the region. As a result, it is no surprise that Dubai’s tourist sector continues to see an increase in the number of foreign visitors each year.

best way to establish a tourism business in Dubai

The following steps should be followed if you are intending to establish a travel agency in Dubai or if you want to extend your tourism business activities in the area.

What is the best way to establish a tourism business in Dubai?

Starting a tourist company requires you to register with the Department of Economic Development as well as the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in order to be legally recognised. There are several different types of tourist licences available in Dubai, and it is essential that you apply for the correct kind of tourism licence. Additionally, you may talk with a complimentary company setup expert before beginning your travel and tourism venture in Dubai. Using the services of a business setup consultant will not only save you time and money, but it will also assist you through the whole process of establishing a tourist company in Dubai.

What kind of business activities may you engage in if you have a Tourism License?

Once you have obtained a Tourism License in Dubai in order to start your company, you may do the following:

Offline and online sales of tourist packages are possible.
Travel insurance should be obtained.
Provide a variety of lodging and lodging choices.
Provide visa-related assistance services to applicants.
Tickets for flights, trains, and buses are available for purchase.
Provide vehicle rental services to customers.
Packages for adventure tours are available for sale.
You can take use of the tourist business possibilities in Dubai listed above in a smooth manner. In reality, you may speak with a Business Setup Agent and get a Tourism Business License as soon as possible, with little or no difficulty.

The following are the procedures to take in order to acquire a tourist business licence in Dubai.

It is possible to get a Tourism License from the Dubai Tourism Department under one of three categories: inbound tour operator licence, outbound tour operator licence, and travel agent licence.

Obtaining an Inbound Tour Operator License

When a company obtains an Inbound Tour Operator License, it becomes eligible to manage inland travel, events, visa, and transportation requirements for both residents and foreigners visiting Dubai.

Permit to Operate as an Outbound Tour Operator

A licence of this kind allows a company to offer travel and tourist packages outside of the United Arab Emirates via e-commerce, an offline agent network, and other means.

Obtaining a Travel Agent License

A Travel Agent License allows the company to operate as a vendor for tickets and other booking-related services on behalf of the agents who have purchased them. This covers airline tickets, bus tickets, rail tickets, hotel and vacation reservations, vehicle rental services, and so on.

The following types of documentation are needed in order to get a tourist business licence in Dubai:

Having chosen the kind of licence you want for your company, collect the following papers to ensure that you may get your Dubai tourist licence as quickly and easily as you can;

Form for obtaining a tourism licence that has been completed
Copies of the candidates’ current passports are required.
The management certifies that the employee has the necessary job qualifications/bonafied.
Certificate of good behaviour from the owner/proof of a clean criminal record are required.
A detailed project report that demonstrates the project’s economic and technical viability is provided.
Conditions of License Issuance to Keep in Mind According to the Civil Aviation Authority’s No Objection Letter

Keep the following considerations in mind while planning your company’s structure, staff qualifications, and operational procedures:

The travel agency must be a limited liability company (LLC) in which the foreign national owns 49 percent of the shares and the local sponsor owns the remaining 51 percent.

The company’s manager must have at least three years of experience in the management of a travel, tourist, or hospitality firm.

Once you have obtained your licence, you must register it with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce in order to get a ‘Dubai Chamber Certificate.’ This certificate is required for the registration of your company with different government agencies as well as the growth of your business into other emirates.

How can I get a licence for any kind of tourist company in Dubai quickly and easily?

While it is possible to go the traditional route and apply for a tourist licence on your own, this may be complicated and time-consuming in the long run. Generis Global can assist you with establishing your tourist company in Dubai in the most comfortable manner possible.