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The capital of the United Arab Emirates has established itself as one of the most important commercial centres in the Middle East. Investing in and operating a company in Abu Dhabi has a number of advantages. The next essay will discuss some of the most important considerations to make as well as the benefits of establishing a company in Abu Dhabi.

These are the benefits of doing business in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, there are many popular locations for starting a company.

The following are some of the zones in which you may want to consider establishing your business:

Al Ain is a city in the United Arab Emirates.

Not only is the region peaceful, with lush vegetation all around, but it is also the location of Al Ain Farms, the UAE’s oldest dairy business, which was established more than four decades ago. Meaco Group and Jenaan Investments are just a few of the corporate behemoths that have set up shop in Al Ain as well.

Aside from dairy farming, Al Ain has a very favourable environment for agricultural operations such as growing fresh fruits and vegetables and raising poultry.

Abu Dhabi Global Market is a global marketplace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (ADGM)

ADGM is an international financial centre that adheres to English Common Law, enabling companies to conduct themselves in accordance with the standards that are followed throughout the world. As a result, it makes it easier for companies doing business abroad to conduct monetary transactions.

The ADGM is comprised of three separate agencies, comprising the registration, finance, and judicial systems, all of which work together to create a business-friendly environment.

The Khalifa Industrial Zone is located in Abu Dhabi (KIZAD)

Kizad offers vast areas to accommodate the needs of the real estate and logistics sectors. Also well-known for its free zone—mainland solutions, it is a leading player in the industry. While it is well known that free zone businesses in the United Arab Emirates are restricted to trade solely inside the jurisdiction in which they are situated, entrepreneurs may acquire a second licence via kizad. This dual licence may be utilised to open a mainland office, seek for residence permits, and do business freely within the United Arab Emirates.

Masdar City is a city in the United Arab Emirates.

Masdar City, an initiative of Mubadala Investment Company, is a free zone devoted to promoting renewable energy and sustainable urban development, as well as assisting the United Arab Emirates in its transition to a knowledge-based society.

In the field of renewable energy, it serves as the regional commercial centre for a variety of initiatives. As a result, entrepreneurs and investors who are enthusiastic about contemporary technology are attracted.

Business activities that are on the rise

When establishing a company in Abu Dhabi, one of the most significant benefits is that the city offers a favourable climate for certain industries, which include :

Equipment for the oil and gas sector is manufactured at the following locations: Among other things, valves, pumps, fitters, tankers, turbines, and compressors are manufactured at this facility.

Supply and distribution of oil and natural gas: Companies that are involved in the purchasing and selling of natural resources
Providing logistical assistance to the oil and gas sector includes the following activities: Businesses that assist in the transportation of petroleum

Activities involving the sea: Those businesses who produce products for use in the maritime sector will find the Abu Dhabi ports to be an ideal location for them. Their companies can operate smoothly as a result of their near proximity to other GGC countries, as well as from the advantages of offshore facilities.

What is it about Abu Dhabi that interests you?

A variety of sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, tourism, and healthcare, are seeing significant growth in the city. The following are some of the highlights:

Obtaining long-term benefits at a reasonable price

Renewal of a trade licence on an annual basis may be an expensive endeavour. Starting a business in Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, is not only more cheap than establishing a firm in Dubai, but it is also more sustainable. Why? This is mostly due to the fact that trade permits are only valid for two years. This enables entrepreneurs to devote their time and energy to achieving their company objectives rather than worrying about the administrative tasks associated with renewals.

The overall quality of life

According to the Global Liveablity Index 2021, Abu Dhabi has been named “the most liveable city in the area.” The city provides an appealing metropolitan lifestyle while still providing the peace and quiet that families seek. A broad variety of activities, including foreign cuisine and entertainment, are available to visitors and residents alike since the city is a popular destination for expats from across the globe.

Advantages of doing business with ADNOC in Abu Dhabi

Associating with the Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADNOC) is an excellent option for oil and gas investors looking to establish a presence in Abu Dhabi. In many instances, it is also necessary to get a permission from the Supreme Petroleum Council of the governing body in question (SPC). The SPC is the highest-ranking energy decision-making organisation in the world, and it is very essential for any company engaged in oil and gas-related operations. One example is the delivery and distribution of oil and gas to and from ADNOC, as well as the manufacture of equipment that is used in the oil and gas sector and logistical assistance, among other things. Apart from that, any other enterprises, including cafeterias and grocery stores, that are situated within ADNOC’s authority are required to get permission from the State Planning Commission (SPC).

It is expected that companies operating in Abu Dhabi’s oil and gas sector would reap the benefits of ADNOC’s ongoing expansion of the amount of business brought in via its numerous governmental collaborations.

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