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This guide has been created to make recruiting for your Boutique Gym a simple and effective procedure. Learn about the many positions that your company will need and how much you should spend for your workers’ wages. Our recruiting advice will assist you in assembling your ideal team.

Boutique Gyms

Typical Positions at a Boutique Gym

A boutique gym provides one-of-a-kind exercises led by trainers, thus finding competent, inspiring trainers is critical to the success of your company. In addition, you will need to recruit a manager, a receptionist, and at least one janitor.


This is the first role you should consider while assembling your team. In many circumstances, the owner of the firm might serve as his or her own general manager.


At the gym, courses are led by trainers. Depending on the boutique gym, they may specialise on a particular talent, such as boxing or martial arts. Many trainers charge an hourly fee for one-on-one training sessions.


A receptionist greets visitors to your gym and does administrative chores such as enrolling people up for memberships.


Janitors are in charge of cleaning the gym and its equipment between lessons and ensuring sure it looks decent overall.

Hiring Strategies for Boutique Gyms

Hiring staff may seem to be a stressful procedure, but it does not have to be. We divide the procedure into four fundamental steps: (1) Planning; (2) Recruiting; (3) Interviewing; and (4) Hiring. Here are some pointers for each stage of the procedure.

Prepare to Staff Your Company

Because your target clients will have greater money to spend on a premium gym experience, boutique gyms thrive in more metropolitan regions. Employees such as trainers and those working at the front desk should be upbeat and encouraging to consumers. Because boutique gym memberships are often relatively costly and clients demand a high quality experience, the gym must be maintained clean and neat.

Create a Recruiting Strategy

Begin hiring trainers early on, since you’ll want to locate someone with expertise who suits your gym’s objective. If your gym focuses on a certain activity, such as boxing, you will need to choose a highly specialised candidate, which may take more time. Distribute fliers in local gyms, health food shops, and supplement stores. Post job positions online as well, since some fitness professionals have a strong online presence.

Interview with assurance

If you take your time throughout the planning and recruiting stages, you will most likely end up with a large number of competent individuals.

Nonetheless, it is normal for a new company owner to feel nervous when employing personnel for the first time. Remember that the interview is just an opportunity to get to know a candidate and provide them with information about the position and the company. Also, keep in mind that they are probably far more frightened than you are!

During the interview process, bear in mind that most boutique gym owners want staff who are:




Excellent leaders


Here are some example interview questions to assist you discover more about your interviewers’ personalities:

What are your major areas of expertise as an athlete/trainer?

What techniques of training have you employed in the past? Which have had the greatest success?

What do you think a gym’s philosophy should be?

How would you handle a disgruntled customer or someone who wants to cancel their membership?