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This guide has been created to make recruiting for your campground a simple and effective procedure. Learn about the many positions that your company will need and how much you should spend for your workers’ wages. Our recruiting advice will assist you in assembling your ideal team.

Campground Hiring Manual

Typical Campground Roles

The staffing needs of a campsite vary based on the kind of campground and the facilities provided. The smallest campgrounds may simply need the owner and potentially their family to handle daily operations. More complex campgrounds, like “glamping” (a combination of luxury and camping), may need a larger workforce depending on their offers. Some campgrounds include boat rentals, educational activities for children, and fitness classes. Larger campsites may have more administrative personnel to oversee reservations, accounting, human resources, and so on.

Campground Supervisor

If the manager is not the owner, they are in charge of the campground’s operations. The salary might vary substantially depending on the size of the campsite.

Technician in Maintenance

Maintenance personnel maintain and replace equipment and infrastructure across the campground.

Director of Activities

An activity director plans and supervises a variety of activities for the campsite. These may be geared toward children, fitness, religion, or other interests, depending on the campground’s expertise.

Hiring Tips for Campgrounds

Hiring staff may seem to be a stressful procedure, but it does not have to be. We divide the procedure into four fundamental steps: (1) Planning; (2) Recruiting; (3) Interviewing; and (4) Hiring. Here are some pointers for each stage of the procedure.

Prepare to Staff Your Company

The number of campsites and the range of facilities available will dictate the size of the staffing required. Among many other things, some campsites specialise on religious activities, elderly lodgings, or family-friendly events. These specialisations will determine the kind of personnel you’ll need to recruit.

You should pay special attention to hiring the activity directors who will be dealing with the visitors on a regular basis. Those facilities will be a huge appeal for customers, so they’ll be expecting excellent service. Employ activity directors who are eager, dependable personnel who will help your company’s reputation.

The owner may assume as many or as few tasks as they want: smaller campsites can even be handled solely by the owner (and perhaps their family). However, as the enterprise grows, maintenance employees and, ultimately, a campground general manager will be required.

Create a Recruiting Strategy

The majority of applicants may be found using conventional methods such as online job boards for fliers. Activities directors, in instance, may be hired from a range of similar sectors, such as sales or retail, since these positions need the same soft skills that are required when engaging with people and leading groups. Other employment at the campsite may include hiring workers from retail settings if their position needs a lot of visitor engagement.

Interview with assurance

If you take your time throughout the planning and recruiting stages, you will most likely end up with a large number of competent individuals.

Nonetheless, it is normal for a new company owner to feel nervous when employing personnel for the first time. Remember that the interview is just an opportunity to get to know a candidate and provide them with information about the position and the company. Also, keep in mind that they are probably far more frightened than you are!

During the interview process, bear in mind that most campsites want activity directors that are:

Interested in working with organisations

outgoing and friendly

Capable of inspiring people to enjoy fun

Here are some example interview questions to assist you discover more about your interviewers’ personalities:

Tell me about a team-building activity that you like.

Discuss a moment when you had to complete a task while under duress.

How would you handle a visitor who wasn’t having a good time?