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This guide has been created to make recruiting for your Call Center a simple and effective procedure. Learn about the many positions that your company will need and how much you should spend for your workers’ wages. Our recruiting advice will assist you in assembling your ideal team.


This guide has been created to make recruiting for your Call Center a simple and effective procedure. Learn about the many positions that your company will need and how much you should spend for your workers' wages. Our recruiting advice will assist you in assembling your ideal team.

Typical Call Center Roles

Employees in a call centre are organised in a clear hierarchy, beginning with individual contact centre agents and progressing to the general manager.

Call centre workers work on the front lines of customer service, placing or answering phone calls. Supervisors are in charge of a small group of agents, sometimes for a particular project. They oversee team performance and serve as the principal liaison between management and individual agents. The manager is in charge of the whole company, working closely with the supervisors to control the performance and quality of service of the agents. The manager is also in charge of marketing, gaining new business contracts, and managing office logistics.

Manager of Operations

The manager oversees the contact centre, gaining new clients, managing personnel, and defining the general direction of the company in a competitive market.


A supervisor directs a group of call centre personnel working on a certain project. They are responsible to the overall manager.

Call Center Representative

At the company, contact centre personnel place and receive calls. Pay varies depending on the market and the sort of projects they will work on.

Call Center Hiring Suggestions

Hiring staff may seem to be a stressful procedure, but it does not have to be. We divide the procedure into four fundamental steps: (1) Planning; (2) Recruiting; (3) Interviewing; and (4) Hiring. Here are some pointers for each stage of the procedure.

Prepare to Staff Your Company

An Erlang calculator is a simple tool for determining how many contact centre personnel to recruit. It determines the number of agents needed depending on the projected call volume and the quality of service you want (i.e., 80 percent of calls answered within 1 minute).

To be productive, call centre representatives must possess a diverse set of abilities. When speaking with consumers, they must be professional and pleasant. They’ll need to be good multitaskers who can chat to consumers while researching a solution and take notes for a call-logging software. Problem-solving abilities are quite valuable: many of your agent’s responsibilities will need her to solve client issues in a matter of minutes and with little information.

Call centres often experience attrition. Making work-life balance simpler to attain and providing workers with a feeling of growth are two viable methods to retain agents. Communication is a sometimes overlooked yet really valuable skill.

Consider implementing partially flexible schedules or making shift-swapping simpler among workers to help them attain a better work-life balance. Giving workers greater control over their schedules helps them to manage personal and family concerns more effectively, which improves overall workplace satisfaction.

A feeling of growth helps keep individuals interested in their jobs and drive them to achieve. Consider offering skill development courses to your employees: these will improve their work abilities while also creating a feeling of success and growth. Always search for opportunities to promote internally: staff are considerably more willing to work hard if they know their efforts will be recognised.

Disengagement is a major cause of contact centre turnover. Employees have no attachment to the firm, their management, or their colleagues. The obvious solution to this issue is communication: organise meetings with your staff to better understand how they feel about projects or rules, and attempt to foster open, honest communication in general. Good communication may help you identify dissatisfied workers before they decide to quit and can help you come up with methods to enhance the work environment for all of your employees.

Create a Recruiting Strategy

Typically, call centre agents are hired via ads and online job posts. Consider advertising your call center’s benefits on Facebook or other employment forums. Make sure that your job advertising emphasise the exact abilities you’re seeking for, such as salesmanship or knowledge of a second language.

Interview with assurance

If you take your time throughout the planning and recruiting stages, you will most likely end up with a large number of competent individuals.

Nonetheless, it is normal for a new company owner to feel nervous when employing personnel for the first time. Remember that the interview is just an opportunity to get to know a candidate and provide them with information about the position and the company. Also, keep in mind that they are probably far more frightened than you are!

Throughout the interview process, bear in mind that most call centres want agents that are:

Solvers of problems


nice and polite



Here are some example interview questions to assist you discover more about your interviewers’ personalities:

Tell me about an instance when you went the extra mile for a client.

How do you deal with working under duress? (search for methodologies and particular processes they use)

What does excellent customer service mean to you?