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Even though it is a new country, the United Arab Emirates has established itself as the Middle East’s economic centre. There’s a solid explanation behind this. There are a variety of variables that play a role in attracting a large inflow of investors and entrepreneurs each year. One of the main reasons is the cheap cost of setting up a free zone company in the United Arab Emirates.

The AED 5,750 business setup bundle explained

Entrepreneurs may get their businesses up and running for as little as AED 5,750. How? By selecting the Sharjah free zone business setup package, you may save money. However, it is critical to be aware of the scope of the package in question. Who is it intended for and what is its purpose? What is the procedure for obtaining it? What are the advantages of using it?

The free zone licence in the United Arab Emirates that is the most affordable is explained in depth in the next column.

What exactly is included in the AED 5,750 package?

The AED 5,750 package, which has been made available by Sharjah Media City (SHAMS), is intended for the establishment of media businesses. The deal, on the other hand, is only applicable for new Sharjah free zone company establishment. The media licence is a kind of trade licence granted by SHAMS that is categorised as professional or service. However, there is no visa included in the deal.

Entrepreneurs may participate in any of the 13 activities permitted under the media licence, which are as follows:

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing that is conducted online.
Programming and advisory services
Production of mass media
Web-based photography site Printing
The study of the market
Graphic design, fashion design, interior design, and publishing are all examples of design disciplines.
Services in the field of translation
If you want to add more activities to your trade licence, you will have to pay AED 1,000 each additional activity.

The SHAMS package is appropriate for who and what it is.

Because the AED 5,750 bundle is marketed as the most affordable free zone licence in the UAE, it is the most advantageous option for entrepreneurs. It is, nevertheless, accessible to everyone, including non-residents.

The following are some of the companies for which obtaining a media licence in the Sharjah free zone business setup is suggested, as well as an analysis of why the SHAMS package is recommended:

Residents of the United Arab Emirates

One of the most common motivations for forming a business is to be able to get residence visas for one’s family as well as employee visas for oneself. Despite the fact that international investors may take advantage of the package, the goal of establishing a company in the UAE is not served. Why? One of the prerequisites for establishing a bank account in Dubai is the acquisition of visas, which are not included in this package. As a result, applying for the SHAMS media licence makes more sense for individuals who have residence permits in the United Arab Emirates.

Entrepreneurs who are currently working as well as owners of other established companies are eligible.

If you are currently sponsored by SHAMS, you do not need to acquire a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from them in order to apply for a media licence. As a result, individuals who already have a job may take advantage of the Sharjah free zone company establishment package to launch their own enterprises.

The advantages of using the SHAMS company setup package in the United Arab Emirates

Not only is the SHAMS media package a doorway to low-cost free zone business establishment in the United Arab Emirates, but it also provides the following additional benefits:

With a Limited Liability Corporation form, foreign ownership is 100 percent guaranteed.

Professional and service licensees on the mainland often do not choose an LLC form since it would force them to associate with a local sponsor, who would be required to hold 51 percent of the company’s shares by law. In SHAMS, on the other hand, your media business may be organised as a limited liability corporation with 100 percent expat ownership and management. The primary benefit of establishing a limited liability structure is that, in the event of a future adverse occurrence, your personal assets would be protected since the company’s obligations would be sufficient to cope with the issue in question.

Setup a low-cost free zone company in the United Arab Emirates.

When it comes to prospective media entrepreneurs, the package provides a realistic way of starting their own legal company with little capital outlay while also obtaining valuable hands-on experience. As a result, entrepreneurs should strongly consider obtaining a SHAMS media licence in the future.

Creating a corporation is a simple process.

The paperwork required for obtaining a SHAMS media licence is straightforward. All you have to do is provide a copy of your passport, visa, Emirates ID card, and a picture of yourself. Furthermore, you are not need to be physically present in the Emirate in order to get the licence. Furthermore, you may upgrade your licence to any level of convenience, allowing you to apply for an unlimited number of visas.