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E-commerce is a flourishing industry all over the globe, and the United Arab Emirates has a particularly large market for it. With a varied population and consumers in every sector, establishing an e-commerce company in Sharjah or anyplace else in the UAE may be very beneficial for the business.

Guide to starting an e-commerce business in Shams free zone

Because of the limitations and lockdowns that have been imposed since the epidemic, many consumers have chosen to make their purchases via the internet instead. As the digital era continues to thrive, the potential for profit is enormous.

Given that today’s majority of the population is technologically aware and likes to purchase and do business via online platforms, now is an excellent moment to move the emphasis from physical to digital.

The Shams free zone in Sharjah is one of the most advantageous locations for anyone seeking to establish an e-commerce company in the UAE’s capital. With massive expenditures and demands on the digital front, Sharjah Media City, also known as the Shams free zone, has become a favourite choice among young entrepreneurs and digital companies alike.

The many advantages that the free zone provides to e-commerce firms and other digital company settings make it an excellent choice for companies looking to expand into the Middle East’s rapidly expanding market.

If you are one among the many people who are interested in establishing an e-commerce company in Sharjah, here is all you need to know about the Shams free zone and the procedure of obtaining an e-commerce licence in Sharjah.

What are the benefits of choosing the Shams free zone?

Shams free zone, which opened its doors in 2017 as part of an effort to encourage business and digital activities in the area, is a world-class centre for companies and entrepreneurs looking to start their adventure in the United Arab Emirates. Shams free zone provides an easily accessible and dynamic environment for e-commerce, digital, and other futuristic activities to flourish in the area, allowing them to thrive in the region.

Companies profit from the Shams free zone in a variety of ways, including the following:

Foreign investors may acquire 100 percent ownership of their businesses in free zones, as opposed to the UAE’s mainland, where expats must form a partnership with a native to be able to obtain a business licence and operate their own company.
Free zone expats have the ability to repatriate all of their earnings back to their home country, which means they have the flexibility to transfer 100 percent of their money back to where they came from with no restrictions.

Corporations are subject to a 0 percent tax rate.

There is no import or export duty of any kind.

The following are the types of business activities: Because the free zone accommodates a wide variety of commercial activities, it is simple for people to interact and network. It is the hub of operations in import and export, marketing consulting, event management companies, e-commerce, media, and other services in Shams Free Zone.

Get your company licence quickly and easily with our simplified setup procedure.

There are many licencing requirements: The Shams free zone provides four different kinds of licences, which are as follows: service licences, industrial licences, trade licences, and holding licences. Service licences are the most common form of licence. These are suitable for every kind of company, regardless of its size or requirements.

The registration process may be completed from the comfort of your own home, as all of the necessary papers can be delivered to the Shams free zone without the need for a personal presence to be submitted.

Visa packages that are flexible, allowing for a shared desk facility as well as up to six visas for workers. Holders of SHAMS free zones are also permitted to sponsor family members and dependents of their employees.

Entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses may benefit from access to co-working spaces as well as cost-effective company setup. Additionally, Shams free zone provides amenities like wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi), printers, and other essential needs at its location.
In particular, for e-commerce businesses, the Shams free zone has many advantages, including the following:

Licenses for commerce, services, and industry are easily obtained.
It is a fantastic chance to grow your company in the area since it provides low-cost business setup and assistance.
The presence of a large market that can accommodate a diverse variety of goods or services
The existence of a supportive community and a quick setup procedure for e-commerce will result in the greatest possible business advantages.

What do you need in order to start an e-commerce company in Sharjah?

If you want to start up an e-commerce company in Sharjah, you must first get a business licence specifically for e-commerce businesses. In order to get started, there are a few things that you should keep in mind —

Merchandise that you will be offering for sale: In free zones, businesses are not permitted to sell their goods directly to consumers. Companies, on the other hand, may enter into agreements with suppliers before putting them on their platform. The licencing requirements can vary depending on the goods that are offered. This necessitates the establishment of an e-commerce company with a clear understanding of what they will be offering.

Warehouse requirements: The majority of e-commerce companies sell their goods directly to customers, rather than via a middleman. If, on the other hand, there is a need for storage, the business must get a required warehouse licence.

Customs and product registrations: Because dealers and manufacturers are required to be registered with the local government, e-commerce firms are not required to be liable for the product registrations required by customs and import regulations. If, on the other hand, you want to purchase the goods yourself, you must have the necessary supplier registrations in place and pay all relevant customs duties.

A few straightforward procedures may be followed to acquire an e-commerce licence in Sharjah:

In order to submit your application, make sure you have all of the necessary papers, including the Memorandum of Association.
Make sure that the trade name of your company is distinct and that it complies with the applicable requirement before registering it.
Choose your office layout, warehouse layout, and personnel requirements.

Payment of the Shams fees is required – for example, a media package that includes an e-commerce company and a zero (0) visa allotment costs AED 5,750. AED 9425 is the starting price for visa packages for businesses that need to get a visa. Starting at AED 5,750, freelancers or single shareholders with an e-commerce company activity and zero visa allotment are eligible to apply.

You have completed the process — provided you fulfil all of the criteria, you will be able to get an e-commerce licence in Sharjah.