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Opening a cafeteria in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, represents an excellent business opportunity, given the city’s high concentration of professionals from all over the globe. Many of them are keen to sample new cuisine, despite the fact that the bulk of them are craving meals from their home nations. In addition, the hectic pace of the city leaves many people with little time to prepare meals.

 start a Cafe in Dubai

Dubai is located in the centre of one of the fastest-growing middle-eastern economies, which is drawing the attention of foreign investors. In recent years, the food industry, particularly restaurants and cafés, has seen tremendous expansion and development. As a result, establishing a food company is not a simple undertaking, particularly in an environment of intense competition.

When opening a cafeteria in Dubai, you must first acquire a trade licence from the Department of Economic Development, which is required by law (DED). However, in order to lawfully open a cafeteria in Dubai, it is necessary to get specific food and safety licences from the Dubai Municipality.

The requirements for establishing a cafeteria in Dubai are as follows:

Requirements for food safety

In order to guarantee food safety, your cafeteria must acquire the following certifications:

A licence for the discharge of food consignments
It is necessary to get a permit for each vehicle that will be used to carry food items.
Permission to handle and serve pork or any of its by-products is required.
Requirements for the location

The space selected for the establishment of a café should fulfil the following specifications:

Make sure you have enough room to store all of the necessary equipment.
Have a mechanism in place for disposing of trash; be equipped with a smoke management system
Separate toilet and storage facilities should be provided.
Have walls, flooring, and a roof that are non-absorbent, washable, and fireproof.
Pests should not be a problem.
Separate wash basins should be provided for utensils, veggies, and meat.
Dubai café licence applications need the submission of certain documents.

Different elements of the cafeteria, such as the following, are represented by blueprints:

Space for food preparation and storage
Entry and exit points are provided by windows and ventilation systems.
Washrooms and other sanitary facilities are included.
The location of the washing facilities
The location of the equipment that will be utilised to prepare the meal

For a food licence that has been granted by the food safety department:

The Department of Economic Development has given its preliminary clearance (DED)
The design of the building’s interior
If the cafeteria will be situated outside of a retail centre, approval from the planning department is required.
For approval of a trade licence from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, provide the following information:

An application that has been signed by the company’s management.
A Memorandum of Association is a legal agreement between two or more people (MOA)
Letter from the Department of Economic Development (DED) approving the company’s name.
All of the company partners’ passport copies are required.
Dubai’s cafeteria licencing procedure is explained in detail here.

Choose a name for the cafeteria and submit it to the DED for consideration.
Locate a local sponsor or service agent to form a business relationship in your area.
Follow the instructions given by the food safety agency while preparing meals.
Choose a location for your cafeteria in Dubai based on the department’s requirements if you are renting commercial space for the purpose of opening one.
Obtain the Ejari (tenancy agreement) for the space that has been leased.
Submit all of the necessary documentation to the DED.
You must get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Food Safety Department and permission from the Dubai Municipality before you can proceed.
Submit all of your documentation to the Department of Economic Development and you will get your cafeteria licence in Dubai.
What is the approximate cost of establishing a cafeteria in Dubai?

Starting a cafeteria company in Dubai entails a lot of planning, growth, and compliance with government regulations. This implies that you must put aside a budget for the establishment of your business. It is important to understand that calculating the cost of your company setup is dependent on a number of different variables.

The establishment of a cafeteria in Dubai requires a significant commitment of both time and money. The costs associated with establishing a cafeteria in Dubai will vary based on the location, commercial space available, number of workers, and other variables to be taken into consideration. Aside from planning the company and developing menus and pricing points, it is also necessary to account for the costs associated with obtaining regulatory licences and following government processes.

There are a variety of variables that contribute to the overall cost of establishing a cafeteria in the United Arab Emirates. A summary of the different costs you may anticipate to pay is shown below:

Reservation of a trademark

Tasheel costs for name reservation amount to AED 620 per person.
Tasheel costs for first approval – AED 115 Notarization fees for the Memorandum of Agreement
Ejari fees are a kind of tax (Tenancy Contract Attestation)
Fees for obtaining a trade licence are AED 6,000.
Fees for international trade names – AED 2,000; company stamp – AED 100.
Fees for obtaining an immigration card (also known as an establishment card).

Additional expenses include:

Market fees equal to 2.5 percent of the yearly office rent are charged.
Charges filed in the labour file
Rental of a post office box
Update the licence to include contact information.