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Dubai is becoming more well-known across the globe for its culinary offerings. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides a diverse variety of culinary experiences, which are not restricted to fancy restaurants but also include food trucks in Dubai. By 2020, it is anticipated that the existing restaurant sector will generate US$29 billion. The development of this sector is on the rise, with a surge in the demand for restaurants as a result of the growing number of visitors that visit the country throughout the year. In recent years, it has developed into a culinary centre for the Middle East, with worldwide companies wishing to establish a presence in the city.

food truck business in Dubai

Recently, food trucks in Dubai have risen to enormous popularity, especially among the younger generation. As a result, there has been a rise in the demand for food truck licences in Dubai. Regarding themes and cuisines, the options for food truck concepts are almost limitless. It is the event that people look forward to and look forward to enjoying. The majority of the time, food trucks sell local cuisines, but because Dubai is a city of expats, you will find food trucks selling international street foods such as Turkish jacket potatoes, Pakistani kebabs, Indian kadak chai, American hamburgers and fries, Japanese sushi, and Lebanese falafel, among many others.

The food truck locations are also very strategically placed across the country, ensuring that consumers have the most possible exposure and accessibility. The trucks are also operating in the open throughout the winter, allowing them to make the most of Dubai’s winters. They also have huge air-conditioned rooms for the summer, ensuring that the company is not adversely impacted.

Getting your food truck ready to go

When opposed to establishing a full-fledged restaurant, starting a food truck company in the UAE needs much less money. The return on investment (ROI) for food trucks is also much faster than for restaurants. You have the option of leasing or purchasing a food truck. When compared to renting a brick-and-mortar location, renting a virtual space is also less expensive. It allows for more mobility and adaptability in the workplace. You won’t have to limit yourself to a single market place anymore since you may visit many around the city.

It is necessary to first apply for a food truck licence in Dubai before embarking on the journey of establishing a food truck company in Dubai. You will need permissions from the following agencies in order to get a food truck licence and permit:

Obtaining permission from the Department of Economic Development (DED) for the Dubai Municipality’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was a challenge.

Company plans and economic performance of companies in Dubai are scrutinised by the Dubai Economic Department, which has the overall duty of understanding and regulating business performance. Licensing, inspections, and the issuance of legal contracts for companies are the responsibilities of this agency.

The first step in establishing a food truck business in Dubai is to get permission from the Dubai Economic Department (DED) and the Dubai Municipality. In order to get this permission, you must submit a comprehensive business plan to the appropriate authority. The following points must be addressed in the business plan:

The business concept: describing the thinking process that went into this enterprise, as well as its goal and purpose.
Describes the customer experience, the appearance and feel of the food truck, and the overall theme of the food truck business.

The financial strategy includes items such as raising money for the company from investors, capital requirements, expenditures, break-even analysis, and sales forecasts, among other things.
The business model is as follows: A business model is a method of doing business, a set of ideas around which you will base your company’s operations, and it will serve as the foundation for your strategic business strategy.
It should also contain the following items:

An investigation of the competition
The method for dealing with competition
Value-added features that will distinguish your company from the competition

The following items must be included in the financial plan:

Choosing a funding plan – whether to get cash from investors or to invest your own money – is critical.
Risks connected with the company’s operations
Risk-mitigation strategies are being developed.
Suggestions for growing the company
The business plan must persuade government authorities that your proposal for a food truck is a well-thought-out concept that has the potential to be a successful and long-lasting enterprise.

Obtaining HACCP certification

Both the truck and the kitchen that it contains must be authorised by the appropriate authorities in terms of safety and cleanliness before to use. You must acquire two certifications from the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) organisation for the following:

The general layout of your kitchen is included in the design of your food truck’s interior layout. It is necessary to get approval for the kitchen setup, the serving counter, the waste management system, the cooking system, and so on.
Food truck design blueprint – this comprises the entire layout of the food truck, not just the kitchen layout, but also other elements such as the provision for power, vehicle specs, safety measures, and so on. The food truck design blueprint is also known as a design sketch.
Because it demonstrates your dedication to food safety, HACCP certified food trucks can help you establish brand trust. That you are concerned about different dangers, such as biological or physical food hazards, is shown by this act of concern. It has shown to be successful in terms of food safety and cleanliness.

Despite the fact that Dubai’s licencing regulations are stringent, the Generis Global licencing system makes it simple for new companies to acquire a licence. We provide personalised programmes that are suited to your specific needs.

The cost of obtaining a food truck licence

In accordance with their criteria, one may get either a professional or a commercial licence. The estimated cost of a professional licence is AED13,000 and the approximate cost of a commercial licence is AED19,000, respectively.

This cost covers the following items:

Identifying information about the organisation
Signage for the License Court
Stamp Tasheel costs are charged by the RTA.

If you want to start a food truck company in Dubai, please get in contact with our staff, who will work with you to get the necessary permissions in place. Once these permissions from the government agencies have been received, you will be able to begin trading!

Please keep in mind that a permit from the RTA is needed for company branding on food trucks. To get the permission, the following papers are required: a four-sided vehicle advertising design with anthropomorphic design; a copy of the trading licence granted by Dubai; and a copy of the vehicle’s ownership documentation. The cost of advertising on commercial cars is AED250 per year, payable in advance.