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A professional trade licence in Dubai is needed by anybody who want to operate a service-oriented company in the city, as the name implies. For those of you looking to establish a company in Dubai with a professional licence, here are some important considerations to keep in mind.

1. Start a full-fledged professional company with just 30,000 AED and grow it into a million-dollar enterprise.

Starting a company with a professional licence – which includes everything – is now possible for as little as 30,000AED. A Dubai mainland business creation with a professional licence from Generis Global may be completed for as low as 30,000 AED. In addition to the cost of the business licence and company registration, this amazing deal includes a silent UAE local partner, an investment visa, the stamp of the firm, as well as a flexi desk and a virtual office (office space). It also covers the expenses associated with the investor’s immigration card, medical examination, and Emirates ID. Save up to 65 percent on the cost of establishing a Dubai onshore business!

2. Paperwork for obtaining a Professional Trade License (PTC).

The first step in obtaining a Professional License in Dubai is to submit the required papers to the Department of Economic Development (DED) for review. The following paperwork may be required: forms, passport copies (in the case of a tourist visa), UID number, Jinsiyya copy of the local partner, NOC in the case of sponsoring an expat, and other permissions from the municipality, RTA, health ministry, and other government agencies as may be necessary. The amount of paperwork required varies depending on the nature of the company operation. In addition to the documentation, the BR1 form, name reservation certificate, tenancy contract, and EJARI registration certificate must be provided as part of the paperwork submission procedure.

The DED will additionally charge a fee, as well as a security deposit, and will retain the right to use the business’s name.

In such a scenario, consulting with a company setup expert is the best course of action. Generis Global is known for providing the most knowledgeable company setup experts in the city. Generis Global takes care of all of the paperwork so that you can focus on running your company.

3. Joint Venture / Shared Ownership

A partnership with a UAE national is required in order to get a professional licence in Dubai. Professional licences under certain company kinds, on the other hand, offer the possibility for expats to own their businesses outright in certain circumstances. On the mainland, this is not feasible without a tourist, trade, or industrial licence, among other types of licences and permits.

At Generis Global, we take on the role of your local service agent, drafting a contract that will protect your investment and ownership interests.

4. Professional Trade Licenses are only accessible to the following individuals:

• Management consulting services; • Healthcare and medical services; and more
Advertising and marketing businesses; accounting and auditing firms; information technology services; legal organisations; educational institutions; and legal organisations.