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When it comes to hiring workers, Dubai is a city that values categorization and authority. Following the establishment of a company in Dubai, a number of companies feel the need to hire employees. However, doing so on your own may be a time-consuming procedure, necessitating the use of PRO services in Dubai.

PRO services in Dubai for employers

The Dubai government has issued guidelines stating that employers seeking to hire professionals and their families (either as an employer or as an employee) are required to maintain a good track record, apply for residency, and complete the necessary paperwork in order to obtain the required employment documents from the judicial departments.

Companies in Dubai and the surrounding areas are required to follow a series of procedures in order to get these vital papers, according to the structure. With today’s instantaneous times, there are a number of businesses that provide PRO services in Dubai that can assist you with this critical procedure. It is possible to get professional assistance in Dubai for employment-related document clearance, document translation, and labour contract negotiations, among a variety of other needs.

The following are the reasons why companies need professional recruitment services before hiring new employees:

You must offer workers with a Residency Visa in the following situations:

The majority of the time, businesses are required to offer workers with a residence visa. The passport and personal information of the employee are required for the UAE Residency Visa. It also includes a designation that specifies the employee’s position inside the business, as well as the resident number and the visa’s expiration date.

Reason: Obtaining a residency visa is mandatory, regardless of whether you (the company) or your employees are travelling. Firms that provide professional services in Dubai are already familiar with the processes and criteria for getting a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates. You will not have to deal with any of the visa-related processes or the immigration department – just call a business that provides PRO services in Dubai, and they will take care of everything for you.

Emirates ID is a must-have for your workers since it provides:

The Emirates ID is a magnetic chip-enabled identity card that contains the person’s identifying information, such as their date of birth, passport number, a passport picture, and the residence number that has been given.

Justification: This main identity card is required by law and is supplied by the business; thus, it must be obtained by all company owners as well as by all company employers. It would be unwise to juggle with the judicial agencies while also putting the company on hold for every person you hire in order to complete these processes. Ask your staff to provide the necessary papers, and the PRO service firms will see to it that you are taken care of.

Workers are required to get medical insurance for the following reasons:

A visa is only granted if a medical examination reveals that the applicant is not at risk of contracting any infectious illnesses — such is the level of emphasis placed on health-related issues in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. As a result, the government has made obtaining medical insurance a requirement for all citizens. According to rumours, the Emirates ID will be linked with the Medical Insurance card by 2017, which is a significant step forward.

Reason: It is a legal requirement; it is necessary for the well-being of the people, despite the fact that it is time-consuming. Several companies that provide PRO Services in Dubai ensure that you (the employer) and your workers get insurance coverage that is appropriate for their requirements and is priced reasonably.
The Labour Contract – a legal requirement for your workers – is as follows:

The employer and the employee sign a legal requirement outlining the contract processes of the employment that are governed by the laws of their respective countries.

The reason is that a labour contract is a complex document – whether it is a limited or an infinite contract – and the fundamental goal is to guarantee the security of all parties involved (employer and the employee). If you need PRO help for this contract, there are mostly two reasons why you should do it. First and foremost, translation of the document is required due to the fact that the contract must be written in both English and Arabic. Second, since 2014, the paperwork has been made available online to make the process more convenient; nevertheless, it continues to be a time-consuming and complicated process. In such a situation, PRO experts will design and process the Labour Contract, thus making things simpler for you as the employer overall.

To ensure that you are up to speed on all of the current recruiting requirements, it is recommended that you speak with a PRO service business before hiring new workers. If you are still uncertain of where to begin, contact Generis Global and we will make your legal obligations as fast, accurate, and cost-effective as possible with our PRO services in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates.