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Dubai, the commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, is a city that is striving to maintain its traditions while competing at breakneck speed to embrace innovation and technological advancements. Due to the city’s cosmopolitan nature and high proportion of foreign residents, it is home to some of the most successful world-class companies and job possibilities.

This is what you need to know about immigrating to Dubai

So, if you are one of the international investors or job seekers who are considering relocating to Dubai, here are some things you should be aware of:

Why should you consider relocating to Dubai?

Several reasons may be given to answer this question: modern infrastructure and modes of communication; high standards of living; worldwide exposure and exposure to the best education system in the world; tax-free status; a multi-cultural workforce; and the list goes on. On top of everything else, international businesspeople and foreign investors have been drawn to the city because of the diverse variety of commercial markets available and the business regulations in place.

According to a survey performed by the HSBC, Dubai was rated as the second-best nation in the world for expats to do business, behind only Hong Kong. According to the latest data, approximately 8,800 businesses were registered at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce in 2015, with 22,000 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) being created — the area has seen at least 4 percent growth each year since then.

How do you become a citizen of Dubai?

If you want to work in Dubai, you will need either a Dubai work permit visa or an Investor Visa. There are many methods to immigrate to Dubai – the most popular is to get permanent residence in the UAE if you own a company or have a job in the country.

Foreign businesses that make significant investments in Dubai are given a three-year investor visa or permanent residence, which they may use to conduct their operations in the city. In the same way that investors are given visas in Dubai, businesspeople who form a partnership in a firm with a UAE citizen are also awarded business partner visas.

When applying for a work visa in other situations, the visa will be given to you by the designated business, and it will be valid for a maximum of two years after it is issued.

If you have a family member who can sponsor your visa, student visa, or domestic helper’s visa, you may also apply for permanent residence.

How do you go about obtaining a Dubai Resident Visa?

Obtaining a Dubai Resident Visa as an Investor or Employer:

A foreign person must demonstrate that they have sufficient money to make a substantial investment in a Dubai firm, or that they intend to establish a business in the UAE, in order to qualify for an investor visa. It is necessary to submit the following documents: Entry Permit; Passport Copies; Trade License; Photograph for Visa Application; Memorandum of Association; Service Agent Agreement; Partnership Agreement; List of Partners in the Company; Copies of Immigration Card; and these are followed by medical procedures and stamping of the visa by the appropriate authorities.

For an employee working in Dubai, a residence visa is required.

Generally speaking, if you have a job in Dubai, your work permit and Dubai resident visa will be taken care of by your company. An employee’s Dubai residence visa application must include the following documents: the Visa Application Form, the Photograph for Visa Application Original and Passport Copies, Company’s Commercial License Copies, Employment Permit issued by the Ministry of Labour, and the Application Fee. The Visa Application Form can be found here. This is followed by medical and other labor-related treatments as well.