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Dubai South Free Zone is one of the most sought-after locations in the United Arab Emirates for the establishment of any kind of company. After the planned worldwide events in the year 2020, as well as other ambitious initiatives, the creation of freezone companies in Dubai South has seen a significant increase in demand.

Located between the Al Maktoum International Airport and a number of other business districts, the Dubai South Freezone is a fully integrated metropolis. It is possible that establishing a business in Dubai South would provide many benefits in addition to providing an excellent environment for collaborating on investments in the suggested projects.

Following are some factors that support establishing a firm in Dubai South as a wise business decision:

As the area prepares to host significant projects and events in the future years, the Dubai South Free Zone has emerged as an important landmark for commercial companies in the region. It goes without saying that these international projects and exhibits would require a significant amount of commercial assistance, which may be provided by businesses located in Dubai South.

According to reports, Dubai South will be easily accessible by land, sea, and air between the years 2018 and 2021, opening up new commercial opportunities. The number of business possibilities in Dubai South will grow as a result of the increase in the number of accessibility options. As a result, establishing a business in Dubai South may be advantageous.

Due to the many planned and existing developments in the area, company registration in Dubai South will allow companies to position themselves strategically and represent a specialised business module. In turn, this will lead to potential partnerships and more exposure for the company premises, which will result in a stronger position in the market.

In terms of location, Dubai South is developed around the Al Maktoum International Airport, which is the world’s busiest airport. It is also the region that is connected to the Jebel Ali port through the logistics corridor. Dubai South is also well-connected to the Dubai By-Pass Road and the Sheikh Zayed Road, which are both located nearby.

Opening a business in Dubai South may now be even more advantageous, as the free zone has opened a business centre with a variety of sizes and adaptable constructions to accommodate the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) (Small and Medium Enterprises). The Dubai South Development Corporation has promoted creative methods to accommodate a big scale of SME’s and has launched ground-breaking initiatives in support of entrepreneurs who want to create SME’s by lowering the expenses of Dubai company registration.

In contrast to other free zones in the United Arab Emirates, the Dubai South Free Zone provides an economic platform that is backed by government benefits and has less regulations. In terms of the nationality of the business owner, corporate ownership, visas, sponsorships, and paperwork, to name a few considerations.

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