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For decades, offshore company establishment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has served as a platform for foreign investors and companies. Offshore company registration in Dubai and across the UAE provides the benefits of a protected deposit and stringent secrecy regulations for the beneficial owners, as well as the ability to do business internationally. There is no public record of the information on beneficial shareholders and directors of the business, and the information may only be released at the discretion of the appropriate regulatory body. As a result, you may establish a low-cost offshore corporation in the United Arab Emirates and take advantage of the many profitable business possibilities there.

The most cost effective option to start a business in Dubai


Nonetheless, not only security, but also cost and time have been identified as important considerations in the decision of business owners, investors, and shareholders to establish an offshore corporation in the United Arab Emirates. Incorporation of an offshore corporation UAE is a jurisdiction that offers the fastest and most affordable type of company establishment in the area, as well as the finest facilities and conveniences when it comes to conducting business in the country. Furthermore, when you work with Generis Global’s legal experts, who offer end-to-end business help, the job becomes much simpler and more easy.

The finest area in the UAE for setting up a low-cost offshore business is:

The Establishment of an Offshore Business in Ajman

Ajman Offshore: Ajman is a well-established offshore destination.

The Ruler of Ajman created the H.H. Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuami Ajman Free Zone in 1988 and gave it an autonomous status in 1996 via Emiri Decree No. 3 of 1996. The Ajman Offshore was established in response to the growing need for an offshore jurisdiction in the area. The Ajman Free Zone Authority is a government-owned corporation. In addition to incredible tax benefits, it also offers corporate secrecy and privacy, as well as protection for financial deposits, and it enables the legal address of the offshore company to serve as the registered agent’s office.

The following are the advantages of forming an offshore business in Ajman, United Arab Emirates:

In addition to being accredited by UAE authorities, Ajman Free Zone Authority and International Business Company have both acknowledged them as well (IBC).
The formation of an Ajman offshore corporation may be completed in less than three days (with the right documents)
Because of the cost-effective business solutions and readily available resources, it is possible to create the cheapest offshore corporation in the United Arab Emirates.
Ajman Offshore provides the most affordable offshore company formation package available in the United Arab Emirates.
In order to establish a business in Ajman Offshore, no residency permit is needed.
The business does not keep any publicly accessible records.
The identities of the shareholders and directors are not made public.
Having an office space to lease or rent is not required.
Ajman Offshore company setups are able to take use of the banking services available.

Documents required to establish an offshore business in Ajman include:

Copies of shareholders’ passports
Proof of residence for shareholders
Articles of Association Memorandum of Incorporation Application for the Formation of an Offshore Corporation Registered Agent (Generis Global will be your agent and prepare all the documents as well for Ajman Offshore company formation)

Ajman Offshore allows the following types of business activities:

You may establish a low-cost offshore corporation in the United Arab Emirates while still engaging in all of the legal commercial operations in the country. Among the many different offshore business initiatives are the following:

International trading companies; export and import companies; shipping firms; ship manufacturing and management firms; stake holding firms; professional and consulting firms; intermediary brokers (IB’s); and other related entities. Financial and Investment Management Companies

Ajman Offshore Company’s company setup package includes the following items:

The cost of setting up a business in Ajman, as well as the packages available for offshore company creation in Ajman, are determined by the nature of the business and the number of shareholders in the firm. Additionally, the number of bank accounts needed for the shareholders may have an impact on the cost of establishing a company in Ajman.

With Generis Global, you can establish a low-cost offshore business in the United Arab Emirates for as little as AED12,000 – allowing you to establish a low-cost offshore company in the United Arab Emirates and establish a reputation for your firm in the industry.

The following criteria will be included in the price:

Ajman Offshore Company Registration Ajman Offshore License Memorandum of Incorporation cost Ajman Offshore Company Registration Ajman Offshore License Memorandum of Incorporation charge
Fee for a registered agent
Fee for help in opening a bank account
a stamp from the company
Contact our business experts if you want to know the correct breakdown of the costs or if you want to know how much it will cost to run your company in Ajman Offshore from start to finish.

We take care of everything you need to have a stress-free business formation experience in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We take care of everything, from paperwork to licencing to banking and all in between. Get in contact with one of our experts now to learn more about starting your dream business in the United Arab Emirates.