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The cost of forming a corporation in the United States is determined by the state in which you want to incorporate your firm, the kind of business organisation, and other criteria.

The Cost of Forming a Corporation in the United States

Getting Your Company Name Registered

Most states require you to register a doing business as (DBA) name if you want to do business under a name other than your own. This is also known as a fictional business name or a trade name

Establishing a New Business Entity

You must register with the state if you wish to start a firm that is its own legal entity, such as a limited liability company (LLC) or corporation. Generally, sole proprietorships and partnerships do not need to be registered, however this varies by area.

When you establish a new business, the registration of the name is usually included in the filing price. This fee varies by state but is often in the hundreds of dollars. LLCs and companies, for example, pay $180 in Washington state and $300 in Texas.

Obtaining a Trademark Registration

By registering your company name as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you may prohibit others from using a similar name. This is more secure than merely registering the name at the state level, particularly if you want to extend your firm nationally or worldwide. You may sue anyone who infringe on your trademark in federal court if you register it.

Trademark registration costs $375 and is non-refundable. Having a trained attorney prepare your form ensures that you are not seeking to register an already existing trademark and enhances the likelihood that your application will be accepted.

If your company will only operate locally, you may save money by not registering for a federal trademark. Your attorney can assist you in determining which approach offers the most cost-effective protection.

Questions and Answers

How much does it cost to establish a company in the United States? The answer is determined on the industry, the sort of company you want to establish, and other things. For example, founding a company that will solely function online is less costly than forming a company with one or more physical locations. If you reside outside the United States, consider partnering with a U.S. citizen to save money on visas and immigration.

Should I incorporate as a C or S corporation? While both company models provide limited liability protection, they are taxed differently. C companies are taxed both at the corporate and individual levels when earnings are made and allocated to shareholders. S firms are not permitted to list their stock shares on a public stock market, but C businesses are.

Which state in the United States should I incorporate? In most circumstances, it should be the state where you perform the majority of your business to avoid the added time and expense of registering as a foreign corporation. If you conduct business in more than one state, you may wish to consider Delaware as a business-friendly location. Because of the favourable taxes, this is a popular option.

What paperwork do I need to form a company in the United States? You must submit articles of incorporation with the secretary of state, which costs between $100 and $800 depending on the state in which your business will be based. You’ll need to draught an operating agreement if you’re founding an LLC. The Internal Revenue Service can help you apply for a federal tax ID number (EIN).

What kind of commercial insurance will I require? Although this varies depending on the sort of company and other circumstances, you will need general liability insurance at the very least. This will shield you from the expenses of property damage, injuries, and accidents. Professional liability insurance can protect you against claims arising from your job. Companies that offer produced items must have product liability insurance.