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Make sound judgments while acquiring bakery equipment. Learn about the equipment you will need, the normal expenses, and the best sources to get it.

Buying Guide

Materials and equipment required

Most bakeries will need the following equipment to get started (however this may vary depending on your bakery’s niche):

($1,000-$3,000) oven/stove

($300 – $1,000) Mixer

Display enclosures range in price from $200 to $10,000.

Proofer for Dough ($1,000 – $1,500)

Work tables range in price from $200 to $1,000.

($500-$2,000) Refrigerator/freezer

($35 – $350) Microwave

Sinks (from $300 to $500)

Tables and chairs ($150-$1,000 each set)

Baking tools (from $300 to $500)

You should plan on spending up to $20,000 on early equipment. This, however, does not cover the cost of baking materials such as flour, butter, sugar, and so on. Other sorts of safety and sanitary equipment should also be kept on hand.

Important Decisions

Choosing the correct equipment is likely the most critical purchase you’ll make when opening a bakery. Unfortunately, purchasing the equipment utilised in this company is not always a wise decision. New kitchen equipment will come with a warranty, and its cleanliness will be guaranteed. Large appliances are often much simpler to acquire online since they might be difficult to obtain in-store.

Here are some of the most critical purchasing considerations that your bakery will face. We highlight the essential factors to consider while making these purchases and present some common solutions.

Considerations for Buying an Oven

An oven is the focal point of every bakery. When it comes to choosing one or more appropriate ovens for your bakery, you have numerous alternatives. When choosing an oven, bear in mind that various kinds of ovens are better suited to different types of baked items and can accept varying production numbers. Aside from price, investigate what sorts of pastries and breads can be baked in each oven. Deck ovens, for example, are ideal for baking breads and pizzas.

Oven with Convection

This is the most frequent and least costly oven to have in a bakery.

Blodgett Convection Oven with Double Stack ($6,200)

$6,800 Vulcan Natural Gas Double Deck Convection Oven

Oven on the Deck

This is chosen by artisan bakers who want their breads to be crisper on the exterior yet soft on the inside. They are rather huge, but they are simple to use and last a long time.

Deck Oven by Baxter ($15,600)

($14,300) Doyon Double Deck Oven

Oven with Roll-in Rack

By enabling you to roll a rack of breads or pastries directly into the oven, this kind of oven saves you time.

Full Height Three Section Roll-In Proofer by Doyon ($12,600)

Oven that revolves

These are quite costly, but their several spinning trays (similar to chicken rotisseries) allow for very high productivity.

Rotating Rack Oven by Baxter ($36,800)

Considerations for Buying a Mixer

You may already have a Kitchen Aid mixer or something similar, but your firm will need a considerably bigger (20-40 quart) mixer. You may need a bigger floor mixer depending on your product.

Mixer Stand (rests on counter-top)

($750) Avantco 20 Qt. Commercial Planetary Stand Mixer with Guard

Eurodib M20 ETL Commercial Planetary Stand Mixer (20 Qt.) ($909)

Mixer for the Floor (rests on the floor)

$1,600 Avantco 30 Qt Stainless Steel Floor Mixer

$2,700 Avantco 40 Qt Stainless Steel Floor Mixer

Best Shopping Locations

Here are several places to get supplies and ingredients. Because you will need a large amount of cooking equipment, purchasing in bulk online makes sense. In the long term, this will also save you money. Some of the more sophisticated equipment, such as the oven, may need to be acquired online.


This website is a fantastic resource for all types of equipment. It is uncommon to find bigger, more costly cooking and refrigeration equipment. You can also get cleaning supplies and other baking necessities on this website, making it a fantastic one-stop store.

Bakery Supplies

This website mostly sells appliances such as ovens, proofers, mixers, and so on. It also offers the various components needed to repair one of the appliances if it breaks. This firm provides repair services if you do not wish to fix the equipment yourself.