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A registered trademark symbol, denoted by the symbol ®, is a symbol that serves to inform the public that a word or symbol has been registered with a national trademark authority.

Registered Trademark

The ® symbol for a registered trademark is explained.

The circular capital letter R is the registered trademark sign, and it serves to inform the public that the word or symbol immediately before it is a trademark or service mark that has been registered with a trademark office. Additionally, the majority of people are perplexed as to what the bolded, uppercase “TM” sign following a company’s trademark represents.

A firm may use the TM symbol anytime it desires to assert ownership of a trademark, and there is no need to submit any documentation in advance. Anyone who sees the mark will be aware that your firm believes it to be trademarked as a result of this.

The ringed R, on the other hand, may only be used when a Federal registration certificate has been issued by the United States Government. Additionally, the use of the ® mark is only permitted after receiving clearance from the federal government. Last but not least, the symbol may only be used in conjunction with the products and services stated on the certificate of registration.

Either symbol will be admissible in court as evidence that you are the only person who owns the trademark in question. However, in the case of the usage of a registered trademark sign, it may be required to include the ® symbol in order to be able to seek damages and court expenses if your company is forced to sue a rival. The purpose is merely to emphasise that if you do not properly notify the public of your trademark or make an endeavour to show your trademark, you will not be able to recover monetary damages from the other party.