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Before incorporating an Arizona LLC, all firms should do an Arizona Business Name Search.

Arizona Corporation Commission
1. Follow the Arizona Naming Guidelines while searching for entities in Arizona.

Before finishing your business name search, we suggest double-checking that your company name complies with the standards.

The first and most significant step in forming an Arizona LLC is deciding on a name. Make sure your name conforms with Arizona naming regulations and is readily searched by prospective customers.

Please adhere to the following naming guidelines:

The word “limited liability corporation” or one of its acronyms must be in your name (LLC or L.L.C.).

Your LLC’s name cannot include terms that may be confused with a government organisation (FBI, Treasury, State Department, etc.).

Restricted terms (e.g., bank, attorney, university) may need extra documentation and the participation of a licenced professional, such as a doctor or lawyer, in your LLC.

2. Conduct a business name search in Arizona.

Before submitting your name reservation request, you may verify the availability of your selected name via the Arizona Corporation Commission’s Business Entity Search. To conduct the most effective search, enter the desired name, eliminating identifiers such as “LLC,” and leave all other fields blank. This will return any entities with names that are the same or similar. If you don’t see the name in your search, it implies it hasn’t been taken and is free to use.

3. Look for Available Domain Names

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing a company name is if the desired web domain name is available. It is critical to have a URL that properly reflects your company name. This apparently little activity may have a significant impact on how potential clients locate your company

4. Reserve the Name of Your Arizona Business Entity

All LLC name inquiries and requests are handled by Arizona’s Corporate Commission. To assure that the selected name is available for use, Arizona requires all domestic and international LLCs to acquire a Certificate of Name Reservation before submitting formation forms. This certificate may be obtained either online or in the mail.

You must pay a filing fee while reserving your name. You may file online or by mail, each with its own set of benefits. While filing online may result in a higher fee, your application will be expedited and given particular consideration. If you want to save money on filing fees, you can consider submitting a printed application by mail instead.

Other Factors to Consider

While reserving the name for your Arizona LLC is simple, there are a few more factors to consider while deciding on the right name for your company. You should do a Trademark and Social Media search for your name to check whether it is accessible for usage on the internet. This will assist guarantee that you have complete and unlimited usage of your company name.

Trademark Lookup

Before registering your company name and related slogans or emblems, do a trademark search to avoid potential expensive lawsuits. The discovery that another entity has trademarked your company name does not immediately exclude you from utilising it.

However, it is critical to understand who is using the name, what sector they are in, and where they are situated in order to avoid unwittingly infringing on anyone’s intellectual property rights.

To finish this step:

Search Arizona’s trademark records to determine whether your company’s name or any related slogans, logos, or other identifiers are already in use by another company in your state.

Search the digitised records of the United States Patent and Trademark Office for any federally registered trademarks linked with your company name.

Search on Social Media

Finding a domain name that matches your company is just as vital, if not more important, than ensuring that your business name is accessible You may accomplish this by simply Googling your company’s name on each major website, or by using a service like Namecheckr to search across all platforms at once.

In conclusion

Choosing a name for your company is a vital first step in forming a successful LLC, and it is a simple process. After you’ve discovered your ideal name utilising Arizona’s Business Entity Search, you’ll want to obtain your domain name so that your clients can find you online. Using a Certificate of Name Reservation to reserve your name can help you stand out from the crowd. After you’ve obtained your name, you’ll be ready to take the following steps to create your LLC.