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Whether you’re learning how to start a business, how to start an LLC, how to establish, set up, and build business credit, or looking for unique ways to optimise your business, enlisting the assistance of a professional services firm that specialises in these areas can be a great addition to your business plan.

Business Credit Course Obsidian Bear Funding

In this review, we will go over the specifics of Obsidian Bear Funding’s Business Success System Course and compare it to other comparable services on the market. Continue reading to find out whether Obsidian Bear Funding’s Business Success System Course is the ideal fit for your company.


Obsidian Bear Funding, founded in 2008, is a prominent business services agency that specialises in assisting firms in obtaining and building business credit. They provide a comprehensive variety of customised business credit products and services to assist small firms in growing.

Obsidian Bear Money knows what it takes for a small company to receive the funding it needs to compete and develop in its sector. They provide a comprehensive curriculum (Obsidian Bear Funding’s Company Success System) that not only serves as a road map for how to establish business credit (as do some of the more expensive courses available), but also provides something truly new. They provide customers with a Corporate Credit Advisor who walks them through the whole corporate credit development process step by step.

In terms of total value, no other company we researched comes close to Obsidian Bear Funding’s Business Success System Course. The low cost for such incredible value, as well as the fact that they supply you with a live corporate credit adviser to assist you succeed, set this organisation apart from the competitors.


Obsidian Bear Funding’s Business Success System training is reasonably priced.

They provide you with a corporate credit counsellor to deal with one-on-one, making it a nearly failsafe way of securing company finance.

If you have bad company credit, they will assist you in repairing it and getting back on track.

Customer assistance is accessible by email and phone, and you can even make an appointment on their website.

Obsidian Bear Funding is a 12-step training that covers everything needed to help you create and develop company credit, leaving nothing to chance in our view.

You won’t find anything like it anyplace else. We couldn’t believe the quantity of beginning firm vendors they offered, which gave us quick net-30 vendor accounts, which added new trade lines to our Dun & Bradstreet business credit record, which boosted our PAYDEX score almost immediately.


Obsidian Bear is a one-size-fits-all solution, not a piece milled solution. They understand the significance of executing things perfectly because they have seen what happens when firms do not. Their pricing is reasonable for what you receive, but expect to spend roughly $2,500 for their whole


Work required – Their credit restoration instructions are straightforward, but you must commit to performing the work in order to enjoy the benefits. Furthermore, the task is not difficult, but you must set aside time and strictly adhere to their directions.

Obsidian falls short of expectations Bear underpromised our expectations ($70,000 in business credit in six months) and over delivered, assisting us to create, obtain, and grow excellent business credit. Their inner knowledge and know-how competence much exceeds the expectations established by their ads.


Obsidian Bear Capital, for example, provides a fun training to assist entrepreneurs secure the finest sorts of business funding. Here are some of the elements of Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course:

Basic Characteristics

While their course is a comprehensive 12-step company credit development programme that will take time to complete, it is jam-packed with user-friendly features and more resources than you can think.

If you want extra assistance or direction, please contact your personal corporate credit counsellor, who will happily walk you through each of the 12 processes. The corporate credit counsellor given to us (Madelin) was really knowledgeable and helpful.

Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course was deliberately designed in such a manner that learning was simple and enjoyable. It’s jam-packed with movies, online tools, and extra resources.

Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course is the most affordable option. While they are more expensive than other rival courses, they include everything, which falls well short of what other courses provide. The cost was more than justified by the effort and company credit gained by completing the 12 phases. They are the obvious option for any company owner who wants to do things right the first time and avoid making the common blunders that most people make. It’s no surprise that they’ve assisted over 20,000 customers in generating over $2 billion in business loans to far.


The Business Success System Course from Obsidian Bear costs $2,500. This, however, encompasses everything, including your own personal corporate credit advisor.


5/5 for value

Obsidian Bear is a seasoned small business service provider that provides a comprehensive all-in-one solution at an affordable price. They offer a terrific and incredibly qualified staff of corporate credit consultants that will guide you through the whole process. The $2,500 price tag was insignificant in comparison to the value and outcomes we obtained.

4.5/5 for customer service

Customer support is quick to respond and helpful. They are only accessible by appointment, which may be scheduled online via their website or by email at any time. They are entirely attentive to the demands of their customers. We had to wait up to a day for our corporate credit counsellor to respond. However, the wait was definitely worth it.

4/5 for ease of use

Their website and course elements are both very user-friendly. Their website didn’t go into great depth regarding the course. The course design was excellent; nevertheless, the navigation might have been more intuitive. We appeared to be directed back to a website we’d previously seen when we clicked our way down the 12-steps. It took some trial and error to get it right.

5/5 for included features

Obsidian Bear’s Company Success System Course provides thorough education and makes establishing business credit simple. After finishing the course, business owners may expect to be specialists. They may also expect to grow company credit without the problems and blunders that might otherwise occur.


Obsidian Bear’s Company Success System Course helps business entrepreneurs traverse the perilous seas of establishing business credit. This makes them an excellent alternative for companies seeking for a one-stop shop for establishing company credit.

Because Obsidian Bear’s Business Success System Course has so many materials that we couldn’t locate elsewhere, it may not be the greatest choice for firms searching for a fast fix (assuming one exists). While Obsidian Bear’s Company Success System Course includes a one-on-one corporate credit adviser, you may want to choose another option if you want less customised help improving your business credit.