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The state of Arizona requires newly created LLCs to publish a Notice of LLC Formation in their county newspaper. Read this in-depth guide to ensure you’re in compliance and receiving the greatest bargain.

Publication Requirements In Arizona
Arizona Publication Regulations

Businesses that name their recognised place of business as being in the counties listed below are exempt from publishing a Notice of LLC Formation.

County of Maricopa

County of Pima

If your primary place of business is in another county, you must post a Notice of LLC Formation in a recognised publication.

The Notice of LLC Formation must include the following information:

Three times published

The Arizona Corporations Commission’s notification was published within 60 days of receiving it.

Published in an Arizona Corporations Commission-approved publication
The following information must be included in the Notice of LLC Formation:

The name of the LLC

The statutory agent’s name and street address

If distinct from the statutory agent’s street address, the address of the LLC’s primary place of business.


“The limited liability firm is managed by (a) manager/managers.”


“The members control the management of the limited liability corporation.”

The name and address of one of the following people:

If the limited liability company’s management is vested in a manager or managers, each person who is a manager of the limited liability company and each member who owns, either separately or as a co-owner with others, a 20 percent or greater interest in the limited liability company’s capital or profits.

If the management of the limited liability company is reserved for the members, each member of the limited liability company.

After publishing your Notice of LLC Formation three times, the newspaper will provide you and the Arizona Corporations Commission an Affidavit of Publication, which serves as documentation of your compliance with the law.

You must save the Affidavit of Publication for your records.

Formal Notice of Formation Example

You must submit a copy of your Notice of LLC Formation to the newspaper of your choice.

You have two alternatives for using a Notice of LLC Formation that meets all of the requirements:

Fill out the Notice of LLC Formation form that the Arizona Corporations Commission will give you once you have submitted your business’s Articles of Organization.

Use our example Notice of Formation, which is designed to take up as little space as feasible while maintaining minimal publishing costs.

Noncompliance Penalties

The Arizona publishing requirement must be met.

Otherwise, your LLC will be dissolved.

The Arizona Corporations Commission will notify you after the first 60 days of compliance have expired. This letter will notify you that you have 30 days to complete any and all formation requirements, otherwise your LLC will cease to exist legally.

County-Approved Newspapers

The following is a comprehensive list of authorised newspapers for each county, along with their publishing costs.

Most newspapers charge by the column inch, so the longer your publication, the more it will cost.

If you are intending to print a long publication, we suggest picking a newspaper that costs a fixed rate.

The newspaper of your choosing may tell you an exact pricing when you submit in your Notice of LLC Formation.