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A rich country such as the United Arab Emirates sets standards in a variety of fields that other countries strive to match. Within those industries, interior design is one that continues to captivate designers from across the globe with its stunning outcomes and innovations. In order to establish an interior design firm in Dubai, all you need to do is get in contact with business professionals and explain your needs.

How to start an interior design business in Dubai?

Interior design firms in Dubai are considered to be among the best in the world. As a result, many high-profile customers choose to have their interior design projects completed by interior design firms in Dubai. Furthermore, it is a thriving industry, with forecasts indicating that the excess would only increase in the future years.

The steps to establishing an interior design business in Dubai are as follows:

In order to begin operations as an interior design business, follow these simple and time-saving steps. Listed below are the steps you take to establish your interior design business in Dubai:

1. Registration of trademarks

List three to four names for your interior design business on a piece of paper. After that, submit them to the appropriate authorities and wait for their permission to be granted. While compiling the list of names, make sure you don’t break any of the naming convention rules.. Using trading names that are abusive, disparaging, or disrespectful, or that target a person’s faith or feelings, is absolutely forbidden. As a result, if you want your business to be recognised by a certain name, you should use the person’s entire name rather than any nicknames.

2. Finalize the company’s organisational structure and geographic location.

Alternatively, do you want to have 100 percent ownership of your firm or do you prefer to be the only proprietor of your company? If this is the case, you should establish an interior design business in a tax-free zone. The Dubai Design District (D3) is one of the most famous free zones in the world, and it offers a plethora of possibilities for those who are interested in interior design. Moreover, depending on your company needs, you may want to consider the Dubai Studio City (DSC) free zone as an option. An enterprise on the mainland is recommended if you desire a central location with easy access to the local market. You’ll need to form a partnership with a local sponsor and apply for a business licence with the Department of Economic Development.

3. Take up residence in an office building.

Following your decision on where you want to establish your interior design business, the next step is to lease office space. You’ll need to acquire a copy of the tenant’s tenancy agreement, which will be utilised as evidence throughout the licence application approval process. In this case, renting office space in Dubai is advantageous since it allows you to avoid incurring large upfront expenses and because you can simply relocate from one place to another.

4. Obtain the necessary licences.

Whether it’s the interior design firms in Dubai or any other legal organisations, all of them need a valid licence in order to operate in the United Arab Emirates. To get an interior design business licence, you must complete all of the appropriate papers, pay all of the fees on time, and submit all of the relevant information, among other things. You may work with business experts who will assist you in obtaining this licence in a short period of time and at a low cost.

6. Acquire additional approvals.

There are many commercial activities associated with the professional specialty of interior design. Interior architecture, space planning, conceptualization, and a variety of other services are available. It may also be a consulting company for interior design or a maintenance office. Any business operations that involve duties that are not specifically specified in the license’s permission will need the acquisition of additional permits from the appropriate authorities. These permits guarantee that your interior design business in Dubai may operate without fear of being sued.

6. Take care of visas

Are you planning to go to the UAE with your family in order to do business? Would you consider hiring domestic workers to help you with your everyday chores? You may apply for numerous visas for members of your family, employees, business partners, and so on. Follow the visa application procedures and submit your application to the appropriate jurisdiction in accordance with the instructions.

7. Establish a business bank account.

Following completion of all other procedures and receipt of the interior business licence, you will be able to establish a corporate bank account for your company. Spend some time studying the different banks in Dubai to get a better understanding of their offers and drawbacks. Choose the one that is most compatible with your company’s requirements. You’re all ready to launch your interior design business in Dubai and establish your brand in the highly competitive market of the United Arab Emirates.

The advantages of establishing interior design businesses in Dubai

Throughout the years, the need for experienced interior designers has grown, and Dubai has become a magnet for interior designers from all over the globe by offering them substantial benefits when starting their businesses. Some of them are as follows:

1. A free and open economy

The term “open economy” refers to a kind of market in which not only local businesses, but also organisations from other nations have an impact on commercial operations. A trade may take the shape of a management exchange, a technological exchange, or other forms of exchange. Dubai has an open economy that encourages commerce and commercial activity across borders and across borders. With the expanding economy of the Gulf Cooperation Council, there are many possibilities for interior designers in Dubai. In order to establish their worldwide footprint, they may cooperate with enterprises and corporations from neighbouring countries.

2. Taxes that are negligible

Because of Dubai’s favourable taxation policy, you may save a significant amount of money on your earnings. You will be able to keep the majority of the money and put it to good use in other areas of your life. In spite of the fact that the UAE’s tax policy continues to attract more investors from across the world, Furthermore, businesses may benefit from a zero-tax corporation tax structure in this jurisdiction, allowing them to boost their revenue significantly.

3. Artists and designers are granted special permissions.

The establishment and registration procedure for an interior design company in the United Arab Emirates is straightforward. It is usually necessary to get a professional service licence, as well as any necessary visas, before you can begin. You can, on the other hand, choose to work as a freelance interior designer consultant. To work as a freelance interior designer, you’ll need a freelancing licence or permission from the state. This freelancing licence, which is also known as an Interior Design Consultancy License or an Interior Designers Permit, is provided by the DCCA free zone. Consequently, to get these specialised licences, you must complete the necessary documentation and possess a relevant degree as well as some prior experience in the area.

4. An environment that is conducive to work

Companies operating in Dubai benefit from a work-friendly infrastructure and atmosphere. According to reports, infrastructure expenditure in the United Arab Emirates would rise as a result of a number of projects, including the World Expo 2020 and others. The growing number of commercial projects in the Dubai area provides opportunities for interior designers to step up and develop their companies. As a result of Dubai’s strategic position and the rapid development of its sectors, the market has developed at a rapid speed.

5. An increase in the demand for commercial and residential real estate properties

The Burj al Khalifa and the Marina 101 are two examples of world-class structures with distinctive designs that can be seen in Dubai. In Dubai, the demand for such one-of-a-kind and creative marvels is continuously growing, as is the supply. If you have the necessary abilities and expertise, you will have no trouble taking advantage of chances in such marketplaces. The business sector is growing at a fast pace, and both retail and residential enterprises have seen significant growth in recent years. As a result, interior design is at its pinnacle right now, and it is unquestionably the best moment to join the industry.


Documentation is needed.

To establish an interior design business in Dubai, you must have or be able to get all of the necessary documentation. They are as follows:

Approval for the establishment of an interior design business in Dubai is the first step.

Licensing application (in English)
Detailed business strategy
Shareholders, directors, and management must all have passport copies on file.
Copy of the incorporation certificate or a copy of the trade licence
In Dubai, interior design firms must be registered in order to operate.

Obtaining a business registration application form
Memorandum of Association that has been attested and notarized (MoA)
Checks with a post-dated date
Resolution of the Board of Directors
No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the current sponsor, which should be notarized copy of the certificate of incorporation