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Healthcare is a thriving business that will continue to expand tremendously as a result of the huge increase in population and the luxurious lifestyle that people are leading. When it comes to medical professionals looking to work in a developing medical environment, Dubai offers the finest infrastructure as well as an abundance of possibilities. In this post, we’ll look at how to open a clinic in Dubai and how to get started.

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The UAE has set aside an entire zone for the development of world-class medical facilities — the DHCC (Dubai Healthcare City). It is an excellent place to establish a healthcare company in Dubai since you will have the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with some of the world’s finest medical practitioners. As a result, when it comes to the healthcare industry and the people who work in it, the UAE has implemented clearly defined regulations to make it easier for investors to establish their healthcare businesses without experiencing any difficulties.

Setting up a medical clinic in Dubai is made easier by the emirate’s cost-effective healthcare model and welcoming regulatory environment. You must, however, acquire the required permissions from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Department of Economic Development (DED) before proceeding (DED). As a result, you may engage the services of a corporate service provider in Dubai to assist you in obtaining the DHA and DED licences for your speciality clinic in the UAE.

Documents needed for establishing a medical clinic in Dubai are listed below.

A legitimate medical certification from an international organisation or the Department of Health and Human Services. If you do not have a medical degree and certification, you should hire a medical director to oversee your company’s medical operations.
Passport copies of all participants, including business partners, the local sponsor (also known as UAE citizen / Emirati partner / local agent), and the medical director. Tourist visa / entrance stamp page of all participants, including business partners and the medical director. In contrast, you may submit the resident visa page together with a copy of your Emirates ID, a Memorandum of Agreement signed by all of your expat partners, and the name of your local sponsor, as well as the nature of your business activity. You might, for example, open a private clinic in the areas of urology, dentistry, cosmology, or obstetrics, among others.

A professional licence granted by the Department of Education (DED) approval of all licences acquired from the Department of Health and Human Services These licences vary for resident physicians, student interns, trainees, specialists, and general practitioners, among other categories of medical professionals.

Setting up a clinic in the United Arab Emirates: a step-by-step guide

Only the most qualified candidates are given the chance to work in Dubai’s thriving healthcare sector. According to the regulations established by the UAE government, a single medical expert may only provide care for one kind of medical activity. The same expert should have the necessary qualifications and relevant working experience in both medical areas if he or she intends to handle a variety of different medical tasks in the same setting. Similarly, it must be authorised by the Department of Health and Human Services. In the event that the DHA rejects such an application, additional specialised physicians will be required to take care of the medical needs.

The following is the process to follow in order to open your speciality clinic.
1. Registration of trademarks

Make a decision on the name of your medical enterprise. You must ensure that you comply with all of the name laws and regulations established by the United Arab Emirates government. Once you’ve decided on a name, submit an online application to the Department of Economic Development (DED) to reserve your trade name and wait for approval.

2. Obtaining preliminary clearance

To receive DED’s first approval, you must submit all of the papers listed in this section. In addition to the required papers, a comprehensive business plan must be submitted to the Dubai Municipality in order for the proposed speciality clinic to be granted permission.

3. Approval from the Department of Health and Human Services

Once you have received clearance from DED, you must seek permission from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHA) to open your clinic. Thus, you must submit an application to the DHA for a licence along with a feasibility study for your clinic / business plan.

4. Submission of supporting documentation

Provide all of the required documentation to the appropriate authorities in order to get your speciality clinic registered. Make careful to double-check all of the information to prevent any unnecessary delays.

5. Final clearance from the DED

The NOC, your building contract, a list of medical directors and healthcare experts, and a copy of the DED’s first permission document are all required in order to complete this process successfully. In addition, you will be required to pay a registration fee in order for the DED to grant your trade licence after all permissions have been received.

6. Application for a DHA medical licence

Create a user ID on the DHA portal in order to acquire your clinical licence from the Department of Health and Human Services. Upload the names and contact information for any medical consultants and other experts that work for your company, as well as your affection plan, leasing agreement, and other documents. After all of your papers have been thoroughly reviewed and confirmed, you will be granted permission to open your speciality clinic in Dubai.

According to estimates, the whole procedure will take about 25-40 days.

The bare minimum in capital is required.

As a minimum capital requirement for commercial medical settings, limited liability firms (LLC) in the DHCC free zone are required to have AED 50,000 as their initial capital. Additionally, the need for clinical settings is increased to 300,000 units. There are no minimum capital requirements for opening a branch office, on the other hand.

There are many benefits to establishing a medical clinic in a DHCC-free zone. You will be free from corporation tax, customs duty, and other taxes, which will provide you with tax advantages. As a result of the low operating expenses, you will have access to world-class medical infrastructure. Furthermore, you will get a 100 percent business acquisition.