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Dubai…!! The name is enough to describe the opportunities that are awaiting in a place that is developing at an exponential rate. Apart from business and infrastructure (yes I’m talking about Burj Khalifa), the healthcare sector in Dubai is among the best in the world if not the best. Unlike other closed economies, Dubai is an open economy where an eligible person can turn fortunes, which include opportunities in the healthcare sector. A healthcare professional, if he fulfils certain requirements, can apply for the Healthcare Professional licence in Dubai and make a ton of money. Yeah, money isn’t everything but Jordan Belford once said: “I’ve been a rich man and I’ve been a poor man and I choose rich every single time”. 

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) aspires to transform Dubai into a leading healthcare destination by fostering innovative and integrated care models and by enhancing community engagement thus the process of licence acquisition is very simple. Moreover, DHA is focussed to create a work environment that can motivate and attract talented healthcare workforce. The aim is to create an engaged, attentive and accomplished workforce that provides distinctive and compassionate care and foster patient trust. In order to maintain quality services in healthcare sectors, Dubai only allows the best of the best to be a part of it. You should know that the DHA medical license is only for Dubai. To operate in the Abu Dhabi healthcare sector, you need to apply for the HAAD license. 

Enough talk lets get into the requirements of becoming a Licenced Healthcare Professional in Dubai. For start, you require a medical degree, without which you won’t be called a healthcare professional anyway.


Education Documents 

  • Basic Medical Degree from a recognised college/University
  • Speciality certificate/degree.

Experience Documents 

  • Experience Letter
  • License/Registration for the same experience

Other Documents

· Good Standing Letter covering the required experience(s)

· Passport copy

· Passport sized photo

· Comprehensive Logbook

Please note your logbook should include the following:

o Cover a minimum of 100 clinical procedures independently

o Include the full name of professional

o Be typed, and not handwritten

o Signed by Head of Department/ Supervisor/ Human Resources

o List names of major procedures that were performed during the period (procedures must be comprehensive in the field)

o Includes a number of each performed procedure (must have a reasonable number of performed surgeries)

That being said, Generis Global will help you throughout the process and make the licence acquisition as smooth as rain. For queries related to Licence acquisition click here or you can reach our expert at +1 646 475 3785 (US), +91 7011 233 099 or click here to get started


2. How much does a Healthcare professional make in Dubai in a year?

– A general practitioner in Dubai can earn an average annual salary of 243,805 AED, which in its true sense is a lot of money. I mean the living expenses of a person in Dubai averages around 5000 AED which is nominal as compared to the salary you’re getting.How much time would it take to get a Healthcare licence?

– From the time of applying to actually get a licence, considering you fulfill all the criteria, it would take approximately 6 weeks to acquire a Healthcare professional licence in Dubai.

3. How much does it cost to acquire a Healthcare licence in Dubai?

– Depends on the type of licence you’re applying for. Our experts will brief you about the pricing. To know more about pricing click here.

4. What is the time limit up to which the licence is valid?

– The licence is to renewed after a specific period of time. Once you’re on board with our expert team, the licence will be renewed on minimal costs.

5. What if I failed in my 3 attempts of DHA? Can I appear anytime later? What is the passing mark for DHA, and what is the level of difficulty?

– If you failed 3 attempts with DHA, you can not appear again. However, you can register for other medical authorities in the UAE such as HAAD and MOH. Please note that if your data shared by these authorities by DHA then your application will be rejected. If you are lucky and your data is not shared by DHA with HAAD and MOH then you can appear through HAAD or MOH.

There are 100 questions or more in DHA Prometric exam and you should get 60% answers should be correct.