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Known as DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone), the Dubai Airport Free Zone is one of the most economically-driven Free Trade Zones in the world. The UAE government has shown strong support for the effort to diversify the economy of DAFZA. The goal is to position Dubai as a preferred investment location for international investors. 

Dubai Airport Freezone

The Dubai Airport Free Zone is well-known for having strong international backing that is driven by investment. DAFZA has been granted authority by a number of companies from across the globe. The Dubai Free Trade Zone also hosts a number of commercial establishments, the most of which are from Asian countries such as China, Singapore, and other areas of Asia.

Every year, major international and multinational corporations from all over the globe come to the zone to do business. People in this area, on the other hand, are unsure on how to go about starting a company.

Before we can comprehend how to establish a business in the Dubai Airport Freezone, we must first grasp what a corporation is. Allow me to explain why DAFZA is a favoured place for establishing a company in Dubai:

Location and infrastructure that be advantageous:

The strategic position of the Dubai Airport Free Zone provides access to a wide range of services and world-class amenities. These products are only available in the Free Trade Zone. The Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) is located inside the borders of Dubai International Airport. At the moment, the Free Zone is home to hundreds of business enterprises. The area is home to a variety of businesses, including the aviation industry, pharmaceutical industries, transportation and freight firms, information technology and mobile phone manufacturers, among others. (Source: Dubai Airport Free Zone’s official website.)

It also boasts cutting-edge infrastructure, including 24-hour customs services, expedited cargo clearance, a specialised logistics centre with 24/7 security, a logistics centre with low labour costs and simple recruiting processes, as well as warehousing spaces with lease terms of up to 25 years.

Use of Taxation as a Leverage

The DAFZ provides a number of tax advantages to its investors and business partners. In addition to other incentives, tax leverage on corporate tax, a percentage of tax exemption, and other measures are available. The Dubai Airport Free Zone also offers advantages in terms of import and export taxation. There is no income tax, 100 percent foreign ownership, 100 percent exile on capital and earnings, and there are no currency limitations in the Republic of the Philippines.

Certification and recognition:

The Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA) has earned a number of accreditations for the high quality of the structural installations that it provides. DAFZA has received a number of ISO and OHSAS certifications. The ISO 50001 (Energy Management System), ISO 28001 (Security Management System), ISO 20000 (IT Service Management), ISO 10002 (Customer Complaints), OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety), ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System), and ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security Management System) are just a few of the standards (Information Security).

System with a single window:

DAFZA provides administrative services via a single point of contact, with the goal of increasing the efficiency of international (cross-border) merchants. Under a single-window system, company owners have the freedom to control the documentation process via a single organisation. The Single Window System simplifies the process of dealing with government agencies. Obtaining any kind of clearance or permission is likewise a simple process. The trader saves both time and money as a result of such convenience.

Governmental ties that be strong.

The administration has maintained a consistent level of motivation in the face of enormous challenges. With this in mind, the goal is to establish DAFZA as a leading supplier of business services to worldwide clients. The UAE government aspires to make the process of starting a new company as simple and straightforward as it possibly can. As of right now, the government offers quick conveniences. For example, office space needs, visa processing, registration, licencing, and other operational and administrative services are all factors to take into consideration.

How does one go about starting a company in the Dubai Airport Freezone?

In order to establish a business in the Dubai Airport Freezone, you must first schedule a free consultation with one of Generis Global’s company formation specialists. A business formation expert will assist you in analysing all of the criteria, paperwork, and other factors. The stages will be followed by the company formation expert based on the business activity and the kind of company being formed.