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It is necessary to understand project management before we can fully appreciate the benefits of having a project management office in Dubai. What exactly is project management?

When it comes to project management, it is the process that begins with planning and ends with the organisation of a company’s resources in order to assist the development of a particular job or event. It is possible that the project will be a one-time job or a long-term commitment. The project manager would be in charge of all of the resources, including intellectual property, personnel, finances, technology, and equipment, and would be accountable for their management.

A project management office (PMO) is capable of doing a wide range of activities in a variety of areas. For example, managing projects in the healthcare, architectural, and information technology sectors may include a large number of components that must be assembled and sophisticated degrees of coordination in order to produce the final product or result. Defining the goals and objectives would need the involvement of a project manager. Before launching the project, they must also establish a schedule and assign responsibilities to the appropriate people. Also required is that they make certain that frequent quality checks are carried out and that the finished product satisfies the established or anticipated level.

The advantages of establishing a project management office in Dubai are many.

Isn’t it amazing how a relatively new city like Dubai has managed to establish itself as the regional economic centre? It has served as the site of many large-scale international initiatives. Project management is in high demand in the Emirate due to the large number of projects being undertaken in the infrastructure, healthcare, and tourist sectors.

Listed below are some of the advantages of establishing a project management office in Dubai, including but not limited to:

1. Project management office provides a broader range of business opportunities.

Obtaining a project management licence in Dubai enables you to manage projects in any industry or sector. You may take on jobs as little as maintaining a website to as large as overseeing the building of a skyscraper. There are no limits to what you might do. Additionally, your trade licence allows you to engage in a variety of activities such as marketing and providing information technology solutions.

2. Obtaining a visa for the United Arab Emirates

Setting up a project management office (PMO) in Dubai would not only assist businesses in obtaining a residence visa in the United Arab Emirates, but it will also allow them to sponsor their family members. Living in the United Arab Emirates for an extended period of time is only feasible with a residence visa. Residents of the United Arab Emirates may take advantage of a variety of benefits thanks to the government’s progressive policies.

3. Keeping track of one’s financial account

The residence visa is one of the criteria for establishing a bank account in Dubai, and it is required in most cases. And three of the most common methods to get a visa are to be sponsored by an immediate family member, an employer, or a government agency. Being able to have it all — a residence visa, the ability to sponsor your family members, and the ability to keep a bank account to handle your money – comes with establishing a project management office in Dubai.

4. Complete control over a company’s operations

It is necessary to acquire a professional / service licence from the Department of Economic Development in order to establish a project management office in Dubai (DED). As a result, you will not be required to transfer 51 percent of your company’s shares to a local partner, and you will retain full control over its operations and finances.

5. There is no need for a physical location for the project management office.

In order to conduct their commercial operations, project management offices are not required to have a physical office location. Many kinds of licences require you to have a physical office space and an ejari (lease agreement for the property), however this category enables you to operate without a real office space.

6. Collaborate with the administration of the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, your project management office may provide assistance with government initiatives. The ability to place your eggs in various baskets is made possible by having a project management licence, which enables you to fully experience it. If you have access to the appropriate resources, you may also take up civic initiatives.

7. Take pleasure in the excellent standard of living

Apart from the fact that it has excellent global connections and is strategically located near major commercial centres, Dubai also has a good standard of living for its inhabitants, which makes it popular with the worldwide business community. Add to this the fact that the city was just named one of the safest places to live in the world. Furthermore, Dubai is well-known for being a shopping destination, as well as for its culinary pleasures and tourism attractions of all kinds.

With the help of business formation specialists, learn more about setting up a project management office.

Aside from all of the previously stated benefits of establishing a project management office in Dubai, Generis Global can provide you with the finest possible assistance with the establishment of your business. Not only will the company offer you with free advice and assistance in determining viable business alternatives, but they will also aid you with all of the necessary paperwork and legwork.