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After recording a rise of Dh294.5 billion in 2016, the Jebel Ali Freezone cemented its position as the region’s main commercial and logistics centre, resulting in a 17 per cent increase in non-oil international trade in the year 2016. The formation of a company in the Jebel Ali Freezone offers a chance to increase the value and capacity of the commerce that may be conducted in this Dubai Freezone. However, the desire to establish a firm in the Jebel Ali Free Zone is not only motivated by a desire to engage in commercial activities.

Because of the many facilities and opportunities for freezone business creation offered by JAFZA, the Jebel Ali Freezone is a jurisdiction that contributes to the growth of the national economy. Jebel Ali Freezone, with its ability to accommodate worldwide transactions, adapt different business circumstances, generate investment possibilities, and develop new markets for a diverse variety of corporate entities, has the potential to function as a multi-purpose Freezone in Dubai.

Encouraged to learn about the procedures for forming a JAFZA corporation? A range of criteria, including those relating to shareholders, share capital, company name, the number of directors and secretaries, office space, different fees and costs associated with freezone business establishment in JAFZA, and so on, must be followed. The most essential aspect of establishing a business in JAFZA, however, is the variety of licences that are available to you when you do so successfully.

Listed below are the seven licences from which you may select based on your business activity when forming a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Permission to Trade

Providing opportunities for the trade sector The Jebel Ali Freezone (JAFZA) offers many opportunities for the trading sector; however, in order to undertake any operations in JAFZA, you must first get a trading licence from the relevant free zone authorities.

Licence de l’industrie

The acquisition of an industrial licence is required for manufacturing operations and industrial businesses. Specific criteria for the manufacture of products are specified, and these restrictions are often enforced by the Industrial License.

License for Providing Services

To operate a company in the JAFZA, any professional-level activities or service-oriented companies must first get a service licence from the government of the UAE.

Licensing for electronic commerce

JAFZA also offers e-commerce licences for online business organisations and businesses conducted via electronic networks through any electronic methods, recognising the urgent necessity for such licences in the modern world.

National Industrial Licensing System (NILS)

The National Industrial License may only be obtained by a business that has at least 51 percent of its ownership in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, the spectrum of manufacturing and local producers regulated inside the UAE may be better articulated.

Licence de l’innovation

Recently, Dubai has placed a strong emphasis on an innovative-based module that ensures the long-term viability of commercial organisations. JAFZA, which is based on the similar idea, provides innovation licences to companies who want to engage in activities relating to the development of new and innovative goods and services.

Registration in a foreign country

Only with the assistance or cooperation of a limited liability business that is already formed in the area is it possible to create an offshore company in JAFZA. Although you may not need a licence to establish an offshore business in JAFZA, you will require a certificate of incorporation in order to do so.

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