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Want to start a business but aren’t sure how much the Fujairah Creative City free zone would cost you? But you’re also stumped as to where to begin? There’s no need to look any further. This blog will provide you with all of the information you need to get your company up and running in Fujairah Creative City.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the few nations that are regarded to be the finest places to start a company in the world. The nation is continuously introducing new policies to boost the economy, not just via tourism but also through a variety of other investment opportunities.

Fujairah is an excellent free zone in which to establish a company. The area also serves as the United Arab Emirates’ only port of entry into the Indian Ocean. There are many plans in place for the emirate’s future, and the economy is expanding with each passing day.

With the Fujairah 2040 plan, Fujairah is making strides toward becoming a modern, prosperous city while maintaining a strong connection to its cultural past. The strategy is primarily concerned with urban development and long-term economic prosperity. Upon completion, it is expected to give the administration of Fujairah with a substantial amount of resources to oversee the emirate’s future development. It will also assist the government in addressing initiatives at the regional, federal, and local levels.

Learn more about the costs, packages, events, and other aspects of the Fujairah Creative City free zone. Continue reading to learn how to get started on your entrepreneurship adventure now.

Everything you need to know about the free zone in Fujairah Creative City:

Fujairah Creative City has established itself as one of the most rapidly expanding media-related free zones in the whole Middle East and North Africa area. Dubai Media City free zone was created in 2007 as a competing jurisdiction to Dubai Media City free zone.

Over the years, there has been an undeniable increase in the popularity of the free zone. This is owing to the ease with which a business may be formed in that location. The cost of setting up a business in the Fujairah Creative City free zone is very affordable, and it is one of the few free zones in the United Arab Emirates that requires the least amount of work and documentation.

The free zone specialises in a variety of areas that fall under the category of media. Many initiatives have been implemented over the years to guarantee that media clusters in the area have the tools they need to flourish and expand their creative capabilities.

Business organisations wishing to establish themselves in the free zone may choose from a range of flexible alternatives. Free Zone Establishment (FZE) and Free Zone Company (FZC) are two of the most versatile alternatives available (FZC). It is also one of the few free zones in the United Arab Emirates that allows entrepreneurs to use a virtual office instead of a physical location for their business.

Individuals are permitted to operate as independent contractors in this jurisdiction. It also provides a variety of other kinds of licences in the area of media production. These licences cover a wide range of industries, including publishing, music and entertainment, consulting, information technology, and production/filmmaking.

Furthermore, Creative City in Fujairah is one of the few free zones in the United Arab Emirates that provides the most favourable visa alternatives. Investors may get up to 20 visas under a single trade licence, making it one of the most cost-effective options available to individuals who need visas. As a benefit, the business may be established without the need for a visa for the investor or any of the firm’s employees.

The following are the advantages of establishing a company in Fujairah Creative City:

The business is controlled entirely by foreign investors.
There are no personal, company, or income taxes.
Return of all money and earnings to their rightful owners
Possibilities for growth based on strategic location
Process of setting up is straightforward and fast.
Infrastructure of international standing
Setup expenses are minimal.
All import and export taxes are exempted from payment.
Land, air, and sea transportation to and from regional and worldwide markets.

Activities allowed in the Fujairah Creative City free zone include the following:

Entrepreneurs may undertake a broad variety of commercial operations in Fujairah’s Creative City, which was established in 2010. These activities are mostly focused on the areas of media, events, consulting, education, marketing, and other related fields. The following are the kind of activities that are allowed in the Fujairah Creative City free zone:

Publishing in the Media and Marketing
Event Management is the management of events.
Consultants in the field of media support services
New Media Services are now available.
Information Production in the Business Environment
Music & Entertainment Information Technology Design Education Music & Entertainment Information Technology
Some operations, like as broadcasting, would need the investor obtaining prior permission from the authorities of the free zone in order to proceed.

Promotions for the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone:

One of the reasons why the free zone distinguishes itself from other free zones is the attractive packages it offers. It provides a number of distinct packages, each of which is tailored to meet the specific requirements of a particular kind of company. Furthermore, the prices of the packages in Fujairah Creative City are very reasonable. The following are two of the most appealing packages available in the free zone:


For additional information about the bundle, please visit this page.

This package is intended to reduce the amount of money spent on overhead expenses while establishing a business. As a result, it is an excellent choice for small companies looking for an inexpensive package. Investors will also benefit from the package, which includes up to six visas eligibility, flexi desk amenities, and other benefits.