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For many company owners, billing is an inescapable and time-consuming process. Outsourcing billing services may result in lower operational costs, improved cash flow management, increased collection rates, and peace of mind. Furthermore, as clients increasingly utilise online banking, shifting to online billing allows you to better satisfy their demands. 

Outsourcing Billing Services

1. Trust in Bills

Billtrust is a full-service billing company that provides both business-to-business and business-to-consumer billing. Customers may use its bill delivery and payment services to pay bills online, as well as in the mail, using their computers or smart phones. Billtrust creates and maintains an online billing site where your clients may pay through ACH or credit card. Billtrust also promises that your paper bills will be delivered within one business day and enables you to follow the status of your bills from processing to delivery. For business-to-business invoicing, there is also a fax billing service. The e-Adoption Program from Billtrust assists your consumers in converting to electronic distribution methods like as email, fax, or online. You may request a demonstration online or engage in a live conversation with a customer care professional. The cost of these services varies depending on the volume and type of invoicing, therefore please contact Billtrust for a pricing quotation.

2. API Contracting

API Outsourcing is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based financial and accounting outsource service. It provides a broad variety of financial services, such as billing, accounts payables administration, online payment, and MICR check printing. API may establish a website or send a PDF picture of a bill to your customers for paperless billing, and consumers can pay online with a credit card, p-Card, debit card, or ACH. API’s printed bill solution enables you to incorporate personalised marketing messages into the bill and send mail at the most competitive postage rates. API also scans and stores all printed billing papers as PDF images for convenient retrieval. API provides services for accounts payable that assist simplify invoicing and expedite payment approval. API was named the Top Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Service Provider in 2010 by the Black Book of Outsourcing.

3. Bill’s Best

BestBill is a billing service that specialises in the medical and property management sectors. It provides printed and electronic bill presentment and payment services, much as other services. Customers may mail a payment, pay online, text, or contact an automated 1-800 number to make a payment. BestBill’s collections service includes an online negotiating tool that enables consumers to settle outstanding bills and choose a pre-determined payment plan. A pre-registration service develops online forms that enable your clients to pre-register, provide personal information, or pay in advance for a scheduled medical treatment. Visit arrange a demonstration or enquire about pricing, go to BestBill’s website.

4th. OSG

OSG is a billing and marketing service provider that provides both print and electronic billing. Its marketing services section may assist you in developing a marketing strategy. You may personalise the message that displays on the front of your transactional papers using the OSG Dynamic Messaging tool. OSG also includes postal processing technology that monitors mail, reduces postage costs, and incorporates USPS address adjustments. For precise price details, please contact OSG.

Anybill 5th

Anybill is a supplier of accounts payable services based in Washington, D.C. Anybill automates your accounts payable by digitising invoices and processing payments, saving you up to 70% on AP processing costs. Anybill begins by collecting invoices from you and your suppliers and entering them into their invoice management system. After you have approved these bills, you may pay them using a number of ways, including ACH, paper checks, or straight from your bank account. Anybill can also handle your tax payments and is SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliant. Anybill delivers an easier and more accurate trail for tax audits by digitising and maintaining your data. For additional information, go to their website and request a demonstration or contact a sales representative.