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Dubai is rapidly establishing itself as a worldwide centre for commerce and trade. It has moved its emphasis away from oil and gas and toward tourism and international commerce. It has emerged as a preferred location for multinational corporations to establish or launch their operations. The government of the United Arab Emirates has developed trade regulations that encourage entrepreneurs to establish companies in Dubai. In terms of company establishment possibilities, the year 2020 seems to be very promising. Consider the following examples of some of the finest companies to start in Dubai:

10 of the most profitable businesses to start in Dubai


Dubai is the economic and commercial centre of the United Arab Emirates. It provides possibilities for marketers from all over the world to establish their companies in this location. Due to its cheap taxation and pro-expat laws, Dubai has attracted the interest of international as well as local organisations. The city has a diverse range of opportunities for advertising companies, ranging from television, print media, billboards, and billboards to digital media. Television advertising is still popular and the most often used medium in the area. The digital market, on the other hand, is exhibiting signs of growth, with an increase in demand for market research, market analysis, and marketing management services.

Bookkeeping and accounting are two different things.

A large number of foreign and local businesses from a variety of industries, including infrastructure, logistics, construction, hospitality, and medical, are establishing their operations in the United Arab Emirates. Because of this, companies need assistance with accounting, bookkeeping, regulatory compliance, and taxes. With burgeoning commerce comes an increasing potential for accounting firms to meet the demands of their clients.


Dubai is one of the most active automotive marketplaces in the world, with a significant inflow of high-end luxury vehicles. Due to low entry barriers like as cheap fuel costs and import tariffs, as well as high per capita income and favourable tax laws, the country has seen rapid growth in recent years. It provides customers with appealing insurance and finance plans, making it simpler for them to purchase automobiles. Personal cars continue to be in high demand, which in turn benefits the aftermarket parts business, which is benefiting from a growing trend and interest in customising personal vehicles.


Because of its appeal among gold dealers and purchasers, Dubai is referred to as the “City of Gold.” The UAE is becoming a hub for jewellery designers from all over the globe who are establishing their companies. The city offers a favourable atmosphere for the trading of precious metals such as gold, diamonds, and platinum. The following locations are particularly popular among Dubai’s jewellery merchants:

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is a trading centre for businesses that deal in a variety of commodities, including gold, diamonds, and precious metals, among others. DMCC may be of assistance to those who are interested in dealing in precious metals.
The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park consists of shops that specialise in custom-made jewellery, as well as production buildings and commercial spaces. It is administered by the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) and is a popular tourism and commercial destination for both residents and visitors.
Dubai Gold Souk is a traditional market in Deira, which is situated in the historic district of Dubai. The Dubai Gold Souk is a landmark in its own right, and it has long been the beating heart and soul of Dubai’s gold trade industry.

Food and Beverage Services

Restaurants are one of the most popular companies to establish in Dubai, and they are also among the most profitable. The culinary destination of Dubai is growing in popularity, much like the culinary destinations of New York, Paris, and London. Whether it’s Michelin-starred restaurants or celebrity chefs, cafés, food trucks, or concept dining, the city is always on the lookout for innovative ways to serve its consumers. According to a 2018 study on the food and beverage business, Dubai was rated fourth in the world for its appeal to investors in the sector. It also hosts the annual Gulfood Festival, which is the biggest food and beverage trade expo in the world. The Dubai Food Event, a citywide celebration of culinary, promotes and spotlights the city’s growing food industry. The festival is held every year in October.

In this case, it is real estate.

Investment in real estate has become a popular business sector because it is investor-friendly and has adopted open economic policies that encourage foreign direct investment. The increase in business possibilities in Dubai has resulted in an increase in demand for real estate, whether it is for the hotel industry or for expats looking for a place to live in the city. In addition to offering tax-free residential property purchases for UAE citizens, Dubai also does not charge VAT on residential property investments, which makes this one of the most in-demand companies to start in Dubai due to its tax-efficient nature.


Because of its tourist sector, Dubai has a thriving shopping and retail economy that includes everything from cheap retail to luxury brands in lifestyle, cuisine, clothing, technology, and a variety of other categories. It is also feasible to bring in retail brands via franchise agreements in free zones. Dubai has a thriving tourist sector that draws millions of visitors each year, allowing the economy to sustain a variety of retail establishments. In Dubai, there is always space for new retail businesses to be established.


Due to its architectural wonders, world-class retail malls with worldwide brands, and overall local and cultural experiences, Dubai is a tourist destination like no other in the world. For a diverse range of tourist subcategories such as leisure and sports, adventure, cuisine and culture, there is potential for growth in the region. Starting a travel and tourism company is an exciting prospect, especially as Dubai continues to grow and establish itself as a worldwide tourist destination.


Dubai Internet City (DIC) and Dubai Media City (DMC) were established with the goal of promoting and establishing the information technology industry in Dubai. With the increase in demand for digitalisation, there is an increasing need for IT businesses to offer digital solutions to their clients and customers. Industries such as hospitality, insurance, healthcare, finance, trade, and logistics, among others, rely on IT firms to supply them with up-to-date technology. For these sectors, providing web-based (including websites, e-commerce sites, content management systems, customer relationship management systems, etc.) as well as mobile-based solutions (including native apps and social network interfaces) has never been more important. As a result, establishing an information technology company in Dubai will be profitable.

Fashion and beauty are two of the most important aspects of one’s life.

Dubai is well-known for its glitz and sass, and for good reason. The Dubai market has attracted the attention of the world’s top fashion and cosmetics companies, who have established operations there. Shoppers have a more enjoyable buying experience whether they shop on the street, online, in pop-up shops, or in conventional stores. A growing number of people are pursuing careers in fashion design, tailoring, and fashion consultancy. Everything from exquisite couture to homegrown businesses and everything in between can be found in Dubai, as can the market and the resources to support them.

Other industries, such as logistics, oil and gas, construction, beauty salons, and healthcare, are in high demand as well as other fields. Dubai’s trade policies are open and welcoming, and they are especially intended to entice business owners. Along with receiving tax advantages, establishing a company is a very simple procedure that requires little paperwork and little time. In the event that you are considering establishing a company, Dubai is a fantastic location to do it.