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A registered agent is a person or company that receives and transmits legal paperwork on behalf of your LLC. A registered agent may be anybody as long as the allocated person or entity:

has a physical address in the state where the company is performed is physically accessible during normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) at the registered agent address is at least 18 years old

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Options for Registered Agents

Because there are various possibilities, selecting a registered agent for your company might seem confusing. We suggest beginning by studying about registered agents.

Once you understand the job of a registered agent, you can begin to investigate the various registered agent alternatives accessible to your company.

Is it Possible for Me to Be My Own Registered Agent?

You may act as your own registered agent. You might also pick a member of your LLC or a trusted acquaintance, as long as they match the following criteria:

is at least 18 years old, resides in the state where the company is done, and is accessible during regular business hours

A professional registered agent service is another alternative. One downside is that it is more costly than acting on your own.

Using a service saves you money and legal issues if you lose or misplace an essential document or notification. In the long term, this may save you more time and money. Visit our partners at Startup Savant’s Top 7 Best Registered Agent Services post for extensive evaluations of registered agent services.

Should I Hire a Registered Agent?

It offers advantages to have someone else act as your registered agent. We have discussed all of the primary benefits of selecting a low-cost, nationwide registered agent service provider.

Observance of the Law

Registered agent services keep firms up to speed on state filing requirements by providing frequent reminders. As a consequence, you won’t have to deal with legal expenses and fines, or worse, you won’t have to close your firm. If you hire an expert, they can:

Assist you in locating state-specific accountants and legal specialists. Most firms will need accounting or legal aid at some time throughout their development.
Keep duplicates of all company papers. You will have a backup of all your key company documents in case of theft, natural catastrophe, or other unforeseen losses.

Mind Relaxation

A registered agent service provides you with peace of mind, allowing you to devote your time, energy, and attention to operating your company. Here are some things a professional service can do to help you relax:

Make expanding your company your top goal. Important LLC papers will be received and saved automatically.
Assist in maintaining your work-life balance. Business and personal correspondence are kept distinct, avoiding work from taking over your personal life.
Give personal advice. If your company has an issue or has any inquiries, you have extra help.


If you want to operate as your own registered agent, you must be present to receive official notifications at the location you specify during normal business hours. A registered agent service allows you to concentrate on your company rather than keeping track of deadlines and being accessible during office hours.

You may use a registered agent service to:

Maintain flexible working hours. Every weekday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., a registered agent must be accessible. You may set your own hours by using a registered agent service.
Form an LLC in a different state. A registered agent must be a resident of the state in which the business is incorporated. You may incorporate an LLC in any of the 50 states by using a nationwide registered agent service.
Create an LLC in many states. If you want your company to have a physical presence in numerous states, you must have a registered agent in each of them.


We all appreciate our own space. The address of your registered agent service, not your personal or business address, will be made public. This is particularly crucial to consider if you run your company from home. A registered agent service protects your privacy by:

Keeping a lawsuit from being served on you in person. You don’t want to be served in front of your family, coworkers, or, worse, clients.
Making their address public rather than yours. As a consequence, you will get fewer unsolicited mail.

Which Registered Agent Service Is the Best?

In addition to having an office in the state where your LLC is formed, we recommend that you choose a nationwide registered agent service that has the following features:

Reminders for submitting annual reports and other crucial dates are part of compliance management.
Document management entails scanning all official papers locally so that they may be accessed through your internet account.
Availability: a dependable customer support staff available to address any queries you may have.
Comprehensive coverage includes the capacity to offer registered agent services in all 50 states.

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