An LLC’s registered agent may be any person or business that fits the requirements of the state in which the LLC was created. In general, this includes anybody 18 years of age or older who has a physical address in the state and is accessible to receive papers during business hours. To function as a registered agent, an entity must be permitted to conduct business in the state. We go through who may be a registered agent, how an LLC designates a registered agent, whether you can be your own registered agent, and the advantages of employing a registered agent service in greater detail below.

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What Are the Qualifications for a Registered Agent?

The fundamental requirements for a registered agent are simple:

being at least 18 years old, having a physical address in the state where the company is created, and being present (in person) during regular business hours

How Does a Limited Liability Company Choose a Registered Agent?

When incorporating an LLC, partnership, or corporation, you must appoint a registered agent in most states. When you submit your Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State or another official government body after deciding on your company structure, one of the next steps is to add a registered agent office.

Do You Have the Authority to Act as Your Own Registered Agent?

Yes, you may act as your own registered agent for your business. Another alternative is to choose an official or member of your company, or a trusted acquaintance, as long as the person fits the above-mentioned registered agent standards.

A professional registered agent service is another alternative.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Registered Agent Service?

There are several advantages to appointing another person or organization to act as a registered agent for your LLC or company. These are some examples:

Observance of the Law
Flexibility and peace of mind

Observance of the Law

A registered agent service may give you filing deadline reminders and even submit specific papers such as yearly reports. It may also save duplicates of crucial company papers in the event that the originals are destroyed, lost, or stolen.

Mind Relaxation

You won’t have to worry about missing key paperwork or deadlines if you use a registered agent service. You may also avoid mixing business and personal correspondence.


During regular business hours, a registered agent service will be available to accept papers. That means you can work whenever and wherever you choose.


If you work from home, the registered agent service’s address, not yours, will be made public. Service of process and other sensitive papers will not be handed in front of workers or customers if you have a separate office.

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