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The document review lifecycle is a crucial process that organizations undertake when managing large volumes of documents, whether for litigation, regulatory compliance, or other purposes. Understanding the different stages of the document review lifecycle is essential for ensuring a smooth and effective review process. At Generis Global, we provide comprehensive document review services that encompass the entire document review lifecycle, from collection to production.

Collection: The first stage of the document review lifecycle involves collecting relevant documents. This may include electronically stored information (ESI), physical documents, emails, databases, and other sources. Our document review experts can assist in devising an efficient collection strategy, ensuring that all potentially relevant documents are gathered, organized, and securely stored for review.

Preservation: Preservation is critical to maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the collected documents. It involves implementing measures to ensure that the documents remain unaltered and protected from unauthorized access or deletion. Our professionals employ robust preservation protocols, including secure storage and access controls, to safeguard the integrity of the documents throughout the review process.

Processing: Processing involves converting collected documents into a review-ready format. This stage includes data extraction, de-duplication, file conversion, and other necessary steps to prepare the documents for efficient review. Our document review services utilize advanced technologies to automate and streamline the processing stage, minimizing time and effort required while ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Review: The review stage is the core of the document review lifecycle. It involves the detailed analysis and assessment of documents for relevance, privilege, and other criteria. Our team of experienced legal professionals conducts comprehensive reviews, applying their expertise to identify key information, potential risks, and relevant facts. Leveraging advanced technology and efficient workflows, we expedite the review process while maintaining accuracy and quality.

Analysis and Coding: Once the documents are reviewed, they go through an analysis and coding phase. In this stage, information is extracted and coded based on specific criteria, such as issue codes, confidentiality designations, or privilege tags. This coding enables efficient organization, searchability, and retrieval of documents during subsequent stages of the document review lifecycle.

Production: The production stage involves preparing and delivering the reviewed and coded documents in a format suitable for legal proceedings, regulatory requests, or other purposes. Our document review services ensure the production of documents in compliance with applicable rules and requirements. We employ robust quality control measures to validate the accuracy and completeness of the production set before it is provided to the requesting party.

Throughout the document review lifecycle, effective project management is crucial. Our experts at Generis Global oversee the entire process, ensuring coordination, communication, and adherence to timelines. We utilize project management tools and methodologies to keep track of progress, address challenges, and provide regular updates to our clients, ensuring transparency and accountability.

By entrusting your document review lifecycle to Generis Global, you can rely on our expertise, advanced technologies, and meticulous approach to ensure a seamless and efficient process from collection to production. Our comprehensive document review services encompass every stage of the lifecycle, enabling you to navigate complex document management challenges with confidence.

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