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Although you are likely familiar with loans from small firms and payroll tax credits in the early days of the epidemic, they are not the only financial assistance that small businesses have.

Here are some topics to be explored to save taxes.

The CARES Act amended the 2018, 2019 and 2020 treatment of net operating loss (NOLs) to compensate taxable income from the preceding five years.

This implies you should be able to get your money before the pre-pandemic if your company loses money due to COVID or any other reason this year.

Accelerated Qualified Asset Depreciation Rules

Small firms have also been extending the scope of federal deductions on depreciating assets. New temporary accelerated depreciation regulations offer incentive deductions for property renovation and health and security enhancements to encourage companies to make adjustments to their employees and safety to the public.

Whereas the life of depreciation was 39 years, the time it took a small company owner to recover his investment was reduced to 15 years.

There has been a considerable rise of the previous maximum of 30% adjusted taxable income (ATI) to 50% for 2019 and 2020.

If your company invests in services which help drive things – from brick and mortar to internet service – the R&D credit might save money in taxation.

The credit may also be used to recruit an external contractor or to pay a current employee to study and build a new business model to mitigate the impacts of the lock.

Section 139 Tax Deduction

If you assisted your staff with all pandemic expenditures this year, due to the tax deduction in Section 139 you will also earn a tax relief. This permits you to qualify your payments for an expense, which reduces your income from taxation.

Your employee will also profit in taxation since the money they get does not have to be included as the return revenue.

Although no small business was easy in 2020, many of the new tax deductions that the CARES Act has created place for make up some of its losses and benefits.