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When acquiring equipment for your bar, make informed judgments. Learn about the equipment you will need, the normal expenses, and the best sources to get it.

When acquiring equipment for your bar, make informed judgments. Learn about the equipment you will need, the normal expenses, and the best sources to get it.

Materials and equipment required

To begin started, most bar owners will need the following items. However, bear in mind that different bars need different equipment

alcoholic beverages ($5,000-$10,000)

Coolers (from $1,000 to $8,000)

($1500 – $3,500) Kegerator

Glass Washing Machines ($2,000 to $5,000)

Undercounter Sinks ($200-$600)

Glass Bar Racks (from $200 to $750)

Soda Guns (prices range from $205 to $500)

($3,100 To $8,000) Furnishings, barstools, tables, and chairs

Glasses, beer, wine, shot, water, and other accessories ($100 – $250 per set)

Ice Maker ($250-$2,500)

Shelves for displaying liquor ($50 – $300)

POS (Point of Sale) System ($500 – $2,000)

($700 – $2,000) Sound System

TV System ($200 – $500 per television)

($100-$200) Modem and Router

Barware, blenders, speed rails, pourers, and so on ($10 – $50 per item)

You should spend between $30,000 and $40,000 for initial purchase costs.

Important Decisions

Choosing the correct equipment is a critical purchase choice when opening a bar. You may be able to save money by acquiring secondhand appliances, but be sure they are completely working and in excellent shape. Also, bear in mind that although a new energy-efficient equipment may be more expensive up front, it might save you money on future power costs.

Large appliances are often simpler to acquire online since most retailers do not have the precise equipment you will want.

Here are some of the most significant purchasing choices your bar will have to make. We highlight the essential factors to consider while making these purchases and present some common solutions.

Considerations for Buying Coolers

Your bar coolers should have enough storage and be easily accessible, not just be the cheapest alternative. When it comes to coolers for your bar, you have a lot of alternatives. But be sure to mix it up. When choosing bar coolers, keep in mind that they should match the decor of the bar. A sports bar, for example, may often have many transparent back-bar coolers to advertise their alcohol inventory.

Cooling Display

This cooler is exactly what it sounds like: a refrigerator installed under or above the bar counter for convenient access storage and alcohol display.

Cooler with Transparent Back-Bar ($1,599)

$1,254 Vertical Back-Bar Cooler

Cooler That Isn’t Transparent

This cooler may be placed on or under the counter. These coolers are just for storage since the doors are not made of glass.

Under-Bar Cooler with Non-Transparent Back-Bar ($1,399)

Well Cooler Under-Bar ($1,099)

Cooler on Wheels

This cooler is very necessary for back-room storage. Not all of your booze, particularly the additional kegs, may be kept in the bar area. The cost of the cooler is determined by its size, so make sure you know the layout of your bar before making this purchase.

Walk-In Cooler 6′ x 8′ x 7’7″ ($5,730.21)

Walk-In Cooler 8′ x 14′ x 7’4″ ($7,502.20)

Wine Chiller

A wine chiller is required if you sell wine. These wine coolers are one-of-a-kind, leaving more room in your other coolers for other alcoholic beverages.

$1,059.00 Dual Temperature Glass Door 14 Shelve Wine Cooler

$1,838.00 Side by Side Wine Cooler

Considerations for Buying a Kegerator

A kegerator is both cost efficient and attractive. They do, however, take up a lot of space, both beneath the bar counter and with keg storage. Make sure you know the theme of your bar before purchasing a kegerator. The majority of sports bars and brew pubs have many kegerators, however clubs may only have 1-2 taps. A kegerator comes in a variety of sizes.

Kegerator for a Single Keg

$1,161.49 for a Stainless Steel Single Keg Kegerator

Kegerator for a single keg ($579.99)

Kegerator for Large Kegs

$1,716.99 for two Keg Kegerators

$1,868.49 for three Keg Kegerators

Considerations to Make When Buying Glass Washing Equipment

Although automated glass washing equipment is not required, it will save you time and save the bartender’s hands from being repeatedly ruined by water and cleaning chemicals. Automatic glass cleaners may be installed just under the bar counter, between the sinks and storage coolers.

Glass Cleaner for Undercounter Use

Take note of the temperature and racks per hour settings. No one likes to drink from a warm glass, and you don’t want to spend money on a glass washer that only washes five racks each hour.

Undercounter Low Temperature Glass Washer ($4,602.00)

Considerations for Buying Sinks

A bar must have an underbar sink. Even if you have a glass washer, a sink is still required to drain beverages and ice. Not to add that the health agency often requires the underbar sink. Underbar sinks are available in a variety of sizes, but the triple bowl underbar sink is by far the most popular.

Underbar Sink with 1-2 Bowls

($287.87) 1 Bowl Underbar Sink with Drainboard

$122.23 for a 1 bowl underbar sink without a drainboard

Underbar Sink with 2 Bowls ($332.22)

Underbar Sink with 3-4 Bowls

Underbar Sink with 3 Bowls and Drainboard ($444.40)

$358.14 for a three-bowl underbar sink without a drainboard.

Underbar Sink with 4 Bowls ($537.14)

Best Shopping Locations

Here are various places to get equipment and booze. Because you will want a large amount of bar equipment, we suggest purchasing in bulk online. You will save money and time as a result of this. When buying alcohol, it is best to purchase in quantity on a weekly basis.


This website is an excellent source for all types of equipment. It is one of just a few websites that sells huge appliances. It also sells cleaning and other general business supplies that you may need for your bar.

Bar Supplies

This website has a big selection of bar equipment. It sells anything from huge equipment like refrigerators to bar accessories like bottle pourers. It also offers a variety of brands, allowing you to choose which brand produces the greatest equipment.

Purchasing Alcohol in Bulk

When looking for alcohol to supply your bar, always check with local stores to see if you can negotiate a wholesale price. There are quite a few internet retailers who provide bulk discounts: