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A business name registration in Oregon is the name under which a company is officially registered.
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A business name registration in Oregon is the name under which a company is officially registered. If you wish to conduct business under a name different than the one that is currently registered, you must apply for a DBA.

Conducting Business As (DBA)

A DBA is an abbreviation for ‘doing business as.’ When a company owner wants to run a business under a name that is different from the one that is already registered, he or she will apply for a DBA. A DBA is also known as a fictional or commercial name.

The Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division advises every firm that operates under a different name to establish a DBA. It is crucial to note that although the creation of a DBA is not required by Oregon law, doing so might make it simpler for company owners to execute activities such as establishing a bank account or receiving payments.

Businesses must register with Oregon’s secretary of state if they fall into one of the following categories:

Partnerships with limited liability.

Partnerships with limited liability.

Companies with a limited liability.


Corporations of professionals.

Corporations that are non-profit.

Professional organisations.

It is advisable to review the secretary of state’s records before filing for a DBA for any of these firms in Oregon. Registered business names are valid for two years, with the possibility to prolong this period.

Procedures for Filing a DBA in Oregon

If you wish to register a DBA in Oregon, you need do the following:

Check to see whether the name you want to use is available. Choose a name that is not too similar to that of an already existing firm. The Oregon Company Name Search Tool makes it simple to look for available business names. The Trademark Electronic Search System allows you to search for existing trademarks. After you’ve decided on an available name, you may register it.

Fill out the registration form: It is simple to open an account with the state of Oregon. The DBA name, a full description of the business, any trusted persons who are a part of the company, the business location, the address of the business, and the true name and address of any members will be required on the form. All members must sign the form as well.

Submit the form: Double-check that all of the information is right before submitting the form. The form should then be notarized. You may also ask for assistance in filling out this form. The submission of the form costs $50.

Oregon DBA Governing Clauses

When filing an Oregon DBA, it is critical that you comprehend the following controlling clauses:

Any company that plans to do business under a name other than its own should register a DBA name with the Secretary of State.

The application must contain correct information, such as the DBA name printed in English, the genuine addresses of all members, the primary address of the firm, and any other information that the secretary of state may request.

If you fill out this form online, you should get a payment confirmation email within two hours. If you do not get the confirmation or have any other issues with your application, you may contact the Oregon Secretary of State’s Corporate Division for assistance.