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Cleaning services are one of the most in-demand business activities in the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is a country of expatriates, and it is home to millions of professionals who spend a significant portion of their day away from their homes. Many people have hectic schedules that leave little time for cleaning, and they may not be interested in hiring a full-time housekeeper. Consequently, they enlist the assistance of cleaning services businesses to maintain their houses in good condition. As a result, establishing a cleaning services firm in Dubai has proven to be a profitable business endeavour for entrepreneurs.

How to start a cleaning services company in Dubai

Cleansing services are a vast industry that encompasses home cleaning, commercial cleaning, and industrial cleaning among its many subsectors. These categories are further subdivided into specialised subcategories that specialise in a specific activity such as carpet and water tank cleaning, air conditioner and kitchen duct cleaning, among other things. For an expat, however, managing all of this in addition to their scheduled business activity may be very time-consuming. As a result, you should consult with the legal professionals at Generis Global, and we will assist you through the process of registering a cleaning business with the Dubai Municipality, as well as handle all of the necessary paperwork, licencing, and other requirements.

Cleaning services are available in a variety of forms.

In accordance with the name, residential cleaning services are devoted to cleaning residential spaces such as flats and villas, with a particular emphasis on cleaning areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other living areas. Furthermore, home cleaning necessitates the purchase of basic cleaning equipment and materials, and is best suited for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and startups.

Business cleaning services are provided for commercial areas such as offices, retail shops, hospitals, and other similar structures. Because these areas are often larger than residential spaces, specialised, heavy-duty equipment and cleaning materials are required.

Industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and distribution centres use industrial cleaning services to clean and maintain their facilities. Depending on the area, there may be extremely particular needs, such as commercial trash cleanup, hazardous waste cleanup, and so on. Industrial cleaning works with a completely different kind of customer and, as a result, necessitates the use of industrial-grade cleaning equipment, chemicals, and many other industrial solvents and cleaning supplies.

In this section, we’ll go through how to establish a home cleaning services company in Dubai from scratch.

Obtaining permission from the Department of Economic Development to operate a home cleaning services business in Dubai is a prerequisite for getting things started (DED). The Dubai Economic Department (DED) is the government agency in charge of granting trade permits to companies operating on the Dubai mainland.

According to the kind of ownership structure you desire for your firm, a cleaning services company may apply for either a professional or a commercial licence, depending on the nature of the work you do.

A professional licence application must be submitted if you want to be considered.

You have the option of having complete control over your company.
Your business may be established as either a Sole Proprietorship or a Civil Corporation.
In order to serve as a Local Service Agent, you must hire an Emirati national (LSA)
The following information must be provided when applying for a commercial licence:

To serve as a Local Sponsor, you must select a UAE national.
In accordance with UAE legislation, the local sponsor will own 51 percent of the company’s shares.
As a Limited Liability Company, your business will be registered with the state (LLC)
How does one go about registering a cleaning business with the Dubai Municipality?

The process of registering your cleaning business with the Dubai Municipality is simple and doesn’t take much time to complete. Nothing more than following the instructions listed below will suffice.

1. Create a customer account on the official website of the Dubai Municipality and log in with the same credentials after the account has been successfully established.

1. Log in to your account and choose the “Company Registration” option. You will be immediately transported to a new page. 2.

3. Complete the form with all of the required information, including your personal information, company information, and other pertinent information. Don’t forget to click the “Security” option at the bottom of your screen before you exit the programme.

4. Review and double-check all of the information you’ve given before clicking on the “Register” button.

5. Once your registration has been properly completed, you will get an email confirmation from Dubai Municipality. You’ll need soft copies of your company’s logo, trade licence, and other important documents since you’ll be uploading them to the registration site.

Alternatively, you may get in contact with Generis Global’s business specialists, and we’ll take care of everything from your company’s registration with the Dubai Municipality to all other aspects of business creation in the United Arab Emirates.

The requirements for applying for a cleaning services licence are as follows:

application form that has been completed
There are at least three possible trade name possibilities.
Obtaining copies of shareholders’ passports
If the shareholder holds a residence visa, the entry stamp or visa page of the foreign shareholder must be provided by the current sponsor.
Additional approvals, if any, are provided by the Department of Environmental Protection.
The procedure for registering your cleaning services business with the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Select your business activity from the list of activities provided by the Department of Economic Development.

Choose the appropriate corporate structure for your firm. This will either be a single proprietorship, a civil company, or a limited liability corporation (LLC).

Obtain trade name permission for one of the three name choices that have been presented.

Get the Initial Approval from the client. This clearance shows that the UAE Government does not have any reservations about your company establishing itself in the UAE.

Prepare and sign the LSA Agreement (for Professional licensees) or the MOA (for non-professional licensees) (for Commercial license)
Purchase or lease a physical office space and submit the leasing agreement together with the Ejari. A physical office site in the Dubai mainland is required for every Dubai mainland firm.

Please provide any further permissions that may be required.

Fees must be paid, and the business licence must be obtained.

You may be apprehensive about the process of registering a cleaning business with the Dubai Municipality, despite the fact that it is lucrative and relatively low-cost to establish a home cleaning services company in Dubai. As a result, it is essential to consider other key factors such as competition, personnel, equipment and supplies, as well as the subcategories that your company will serve.

Consult with Generis Global for assistance.

Because of the increasing market demand and lucrative business prospects in the UAE, you made the correct choice in establishing a cleaning services firm there. Contact Generis Global now to learn more about the different business operations that fall under the category of cleaning services, as well as for assistance with company formation. Our knowledgeable business advisors can assist you with any and all of your business-related questions. Currently, we have assisted more than 20,000 businesses in establishing their brands in the United Arab Emirates’ marketplace. We’ll take care of everything else; all you have to do is get in contact with us.