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Working from home is no longer a novel concept in today’s world. While the arrangement grew popular as a result of the limitations imposed by the epidemic, inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates have come up with innovative methods to market their talents on their own terms. Furthermore, the government’s efforts to promote small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have resulted in an increase in the number of home business permits issued in Dubai. The information in the following post will provide you with all you need to know about starting a home-based company in Dubai.

How to start a business-from-home in Dubai?

Ideas for starting a home-based company

Consulting, human resources, information technology, marketing, and public relations are all services that may be provided from the comfort of your own home if you acquire a management consulting licence from the Department of Economic Development (DED). You may also apply for a freelancing permit if you want to provide specialised services such as web development, graphic design, and writing content to clients.

Tailoring / Boutique – With an e-trader licence from the Department of Economic Development, you may simply put your vocational talents into effect and develop as an entrepreneur in the United Arab Emirates (DED).

Offer your works for sale – If you are selling anything from handicrafts to paintings to handcrafted jewellery, you may utilise your social media account to showcase your goods, interact with customers, and make money by getting a DED e-trader licence.

A virtual instructor is someone who provides virtual lessons to customers who are certified dancers, personal trainers, or yoga instructors.
In order to provide any health-related services such as psychological counselling, dietary guidance, and meditative lifestyle coaching online, you must not only have a valid licence to practise, but you must also register with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in order to do so on a national level. After that, you may start offering virtual sessions by acquiring a licence from the Department of Education (DED).

Management / Influencing on Social Media – Who would have imagined that idle browsing on Instagram might lead to financial gain? If you are familiar with how social media platforms operate and, more importantly, if you like reading and experimenting on them, you may assist organisations in growing and reaping the advantages of such digital mediums as well. You will, however, need to submit an application for a home business licence in Dubai.

Drop-shipping — This kind of home-based company in Dubai is one of the most straightforward methods of doing business. Why? Because you will not be responsible for receiving, storing, or shipping goods on your behalf. You will just get a digital platform to market the goods, nothing more or less. When orders are made, the suppliers are informed and will take the necessary steps to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customers.

The advantages of getting a home business licence in Dubai are many.

The ability to be flexible: When you are the boss of your own job, you are not required to adhere to a rigid organisational structure. You may create your own routine and choose the most effective time-management approach to increase your productivity.

You do not have to be a part of the 9 to 5 grind to be comfortable. Employees suffer as a result of snoozing alarms, choosing out clothes on a regular basis, being caught in rush-hour traffic, and sitting for extended periods of time.

Have you ever worked with big groups of people under the supervision of demanding managers? You are aware that it may be difficult to adapt to and accept various methods, as well as to accommodate differing views on jobs. Home-based company in Dubai gives you the freedom to develop your idea in whichever manner you see fit.

100 percent Ownership: With home business permits in Dubai, you may have full control over the operations and finances of your firm, allowing you to work without interruption.

Legalize your company’s operations.

Home business permits are granted based on the nature of the operations that will be carried out in the home. Acquisition of legal licences for various types of home-based companies in Dubai, including professional services, is a straightforward process. Others, such as internet trading, need the fulfilment of certain requirements.

Home-based companies in Dubai may conduct any trading operations after acquiring an e-trader licence, which allows them to do so. A freelancing permit, on the other hand, allows competent people to offer their skills in a more efficient manner. A Lifestyle Coaching licence, issued by the DHA, allows trained practitioners who are registered with the DHA to offer wellness services over the internet.

Obtain your e-trader certification.

Obtaining an e-trader licence from the Department of Economic Development is a very simple process. You will be needed to go on to the DED’s trader website and fill up the necessary information. Approximately AED 1,050 is required for the application of an e-trader licence. You will also be required to renew the agreement on an annual basis.