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A trade name is a New Hampshire DBA (doing business as). A trade name registration in New Hampshire permits a company to operate under a name other than its legal name.

Your personal assets will not be protected if you register a DBA in New Hampshire. Forming a formal company structure, such as an LLC or corporation, can provide you with liability protection as well as a business name.

Trade Name Registration in New Hampshire

It is simple to register a New Hampshire trade name, often known as a DBA.

A DBA is solely used for branding purposes. A DBA does not safeguard your personal assets in the event that your company is sued. As a result, we highly advise that a DBA be utilised exclusively by a formal company structure such as an LLC or corporation to add new brands to an existing firm.

If you operate an informal company (sole proprietorship or partnership), we highly advise you to create an LLC to keep your business and personal assets distinct. The name of the LLC might be chosen to serve as the business’s brand name.

Learn How to File a DBA in NH in Two Easy Steps:

Begin by doing a New Hampshire Trade Name Search.

Register Your DBA in New Hampshire

A DBA is solely used for branding purposes. To keep your company and personal assets distinct, we propose incorporating an LLC.

Step 1: Conduct a New Hampshire Trade Name Search.

New Hampshire trade names must be distinct and comply with the state’s company name criteria.

First, go to the New Hampshire Business Name Lookup website and check to see whether your new DBA name is already in use.

Review the New Hampshire naming criteria next. Trade names in New Hampshire should NOT include:

Unless the company is genuinely an LLC, corporation, or etc., any business entity suffix, such as LLC, Incorporated, Corp., etc.

Any phrase used to describe a financial institution, such as “bank,” “banc,” “banco,” “banque,” “banker,” “trust business,” “savings and loan association,” “savings bank,” “credit union,” or other similar names.

Words implying that the firm was formed for an illegal purpose.

The expression “farmers’ market”

Unauthorized use of a political party’s name

Step 2: Register Your DBA in New Hampshire

Your New Hampshire trade name may be registered with the Department of State either online or by mail. You may submit online using the NH QuickStart website, or you can fill out the Application for Trade Name Registration.

The following are some critical portions of the form:

Section 1: List your new business name.

Section 3: Describe the company briefly.

Section 4: When the company was founded

A DBA does not provide legal protection for your personal assets if your company is sued. Visit our How to Form an LLC page and choose your state for additional information on forming a limited liability corporation.

Manage Your New Hampshire Fake Name

General Concerns

Call the Corporation Division of the New Hampshire Department of State at (603) 271-3246.

Renew Your Business Name with the State

Every five years, your New Hampshire trade name must be renewed. The Secretary of State will mail a renewal notification and a renewal form at least six months before the expiry date. This is also possible to accomplish online.

Change Your Company Name

To make modifications other than member ownership, you must register a new trade name. To add members, submit a Certificate of Addition, and to remove members, file a Certificate of Withdrawal. Each will cost you $10. This is also possible to accomplish online.

Remove Your Trade Name

Fill out the Certificate of Discontinuance of Use of Trade Name to cancel your business name. The cost is $10. This is also possible to accomplish online.