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An assumed business name is a Vermont DBA (doing business as). Vermont assumed business name registration permits a company to operate under a name other than its legal name.

Your personal assets will not be protected if you register a Vermont DBA. Forming a formal company structure, such as an LLC or corporation, can provide you with liability protection as well as a business name.

In Vermont, you may register a trade name.

It is simple to register a Vermont assumed business name, often known as a DBA.

A DBA is solely used for branding purposes. A DBA does not safeguard your personal assets in the event that your company is sued. As a result, we highly advise that a DBA be utilised exclusively by a formal company structure such as an LLC or corporation to add new brands to an existing firm.

If you operate an informal company (sole proprietorship or partnership), we highly advise you to create an LLC to keep your business and personal assets distinct. The name of the LLC might be chosen to serve as the business’s brand name.

Learn How to File a DBA in Vermont in 2 Easy Steps:

Begin by doing a Vermont Assumed Business Name Search.

Register Your Vermont Doing Business As

A DBA is solely used for branding purposes. To keep your company and personal assets distinct, we propose incorporating an LLC.

Step 1: Conduct a search for Vermont Assumed Business Names.

Vermont assumed names must be distinct and comply with Vermont’s company name standards.

To begin, go to the Vermont Corporation Division Business Name Search and check to see whether your new DBA name is already in use.

Review the Vermont naming criteria next. In Vermont, assumed names shall NOT contain the following words:

Unless the company is genuinely an LLC, corporation, etc., any business entity suffix, such as LLC, Incorporated, Corp, etc.

Any phrase used to describe a financial institution, such as “bank,” “banc,” “banco,” “banque,” “banker,” “trust business,” “savings and loan association,” “savings bank,” “credit union,” or other similar names.

Words or phrases that, when used incorrectly, indicate governmental connection.

Words or phrases that, when used in context, disparage or slander individuals or groups based on their race, colour, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, place of birth, age, or handicap.

Words or phrases that illustrate or describe sexual or excretory organs or their activities or results in context.

Words or phrases that, in context, appeal to the prurient desire; or portray, describe in plainly obscene or menacing terms, or words or phrases that indicate such terms, in relation to sexual behaviour.

Unless the corporation is a worker cooperative corporation or is constituted as a cooperative association, the term “cooperative” or its abbreviation.

We suggest that you check to see whether your name is accessible as a web domain (URL). You may not want to launch a company website right now, but you may wish to prevent others from gaining your URL.

Step 2: Create Your Vermont DBA.

Your Vermont assumed name may be submitted online with the Corporation Division of the Secretary of State, or you can get paperwork by email from the Secretary of State.

You must fill out the registration form with the following information:

The registration of an assumed name

Address of the main office

Owner’s name

The goal of business

Take Charge of Your Vermont Assumed Name

General Concerns

Call the Corporations Division of the Vermont Secretary of State at 802-828-2386.

You must renew your assumed name with the state.

Every five years, your Vermont business name must be renewed. The charge for renewal is $40. You may renew your membership online.

Alter Your Assumed Name

You must cancel your existing registration and submit a new one to modify the name of your DBA. You may complete the company modification procedure online to make further changes to the registration. The charge for making changes is $20.

Remove Your Assumed Name

You may change your company name online. The cost is $20.