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A fictitious name is a Mississippi DBA (doing business as). Mississippi fictitious name registration allows a company to operate under a name other than its legal name.

Your personal assets will not be protected if you register a DBA in Mississippi. Forming a formal business structure, such as an LLC or corporation, will provide you with liability protection as well as a business name.

In Mississippi, you can register a DBA.

It is simple to register a Mississippi fictitious name, also known as a DBA.

A DBA is only used for branding purposes. A DBA does not protect your personal assets in the event that your company is sued. As a result, we strongly advise that a DBA be used only by a formal business structure such as an LLC or corporation to add new brands to an existing business.

If you run an informal business (sole proprietorship or partnership), we strongly advise you to form an LLC to keep your business and personal assets separate. The name of the LLC can be chosen to serve as the business’s brand name.

Learn How to File a DBA in Mississippi in Two Easy Steps:

Begin by conducting a Mississippi Fictitious Name Search.

Create a Mississippi DBA.

A DBA is only used for branding purposes. To keep your business and personal assets separate, we recommend forming an LLC.

Step 1: Begin by conducting a Mississippi Fictitious Name Search.

To begin, go to the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Business Name Search and check to see if your new DBA name is already in use. A fictitious name registration does not prevent another company from registering the same name, but it does notify them that the name is already in use.

Review the Mississippi naming requirements next. Fictitious names in Mississippi should NOT include:

Unless the business is actually an LLC, corporation, or etc., any business entity suffix, such as LLC, Incorporated, Corp., etc.

Any term used to describe a financial institution, such as “bank,” “banc,” “banco,” “banque,” “banker,” “trust company,” “savings and loan association,” “savings bank,” “credit union,” or other similar terms.

Words implying that the company was formed for any illegal purpose.

Step 2: Create a Mississippi DBA.

Your Mississippi fictitious name can be registered with the Secretary of State online.

The following are some critical sections of the form:

ID and name of the company (if already registered)

Name and address of the applicant

Invented name

Business address with fictitious name

A DBA does not provide legal protection for your personal assets if your company is sued. Visit our How to Form an LLC page and select your state for more information on forming a limited liability company.

Manage Your Mississippi Fake Name

General Concerns

Please contact the Mississippi Secretary of State at (601) 359-1633.

Renew Your Fake Name With the State

Your Mississippi fictitious name must be renewed by December 31 of the fifth anniversary year. The filing fee is $25, and the Fictitious Business Name Renewal must be filed online.

Change Your False Name

Fill out and submit the Fictitious Business Name Amendment online to make changes to your fictitious name. The application fee is $25.

Withdraw Your False Name

To change your fictitious name, fill out and submit the Fictitious Business Name Withdrawal online. The application fee is $25.