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As the number of workers in a midsize corporation exceeds 50, the legal difficulties get more complicated. General counsel must guarantee that the corporation has access to high-quality outside counsel who can handle specialty inquiries while staying within the legal budget of the company.

New Generation of General Counsel

Midsize businesses cannot respond instantly to every possible legal concern, but they must know when to handle the issue while it is still manageable, before it snowballs.

Their legal requirements are insufficient to support increasing their in-house legal department.

They cannot take the risk of using legal technology that generates low-quality legal services.

They can’t afford to take their time finding, vetting, and onboarding new lawyers.
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the tech sector this year, it’s that rising businesses must carefully decide which departments to increase based on quantitative data.

Small enterprises and startups often perform the bare minimum, covering their legal obligations as cheaply as possible in order to allocate more financial resources to efforts that have a higher effect on the bottom line, such as business or software development.
Meanwhile, large corporations often have extensive in-house legal departments as well as a cadre of outside counsel to address the multiplicity of legal challenges, both internal and external, that are inescapable for businesses of their scale.

How Forward-thinking General Counsel are Streamlining Legal Operations and Saving Time and Money

A successful approach for designing legal activities requires a continual balance of factors. Midsize businesses must save both the management team’s time and the company’s money. They have greater financial resources than startups, but they also have to deal with more complicated legal challenges and laws. Midsize businesses must carefully balance effectiveness and financial restrictions.

GCs that most effectively decrease legal expenses while keeping quality utilise legal technology to meet essential corporate law requirements including contract negotiation, employment, patent registrations and immigration.
They continue to utilise their huge legal firms for more difficult things like as litigation and significant M&A deals, but they are moving away from utilising them for everything. To supplement their large law firms, they employ legal technology and emerging technologies such as eShares and Zenefits.

The new generation of general counsel is beginning to go beyond the established quo, investing in technology to simplify their tasks and save the organisation money.